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The real and true story of how I ended upon the cover of WA St Super Lawyers Magazine 2019

In the middle of the Ride the Ducks trial Beth Taylor of Thompson Reuters called and asked if Super Lawyers could profile me for its annual magazine.  She wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Ross Anderson, a freelance journalist met me over a weekend.  We chatted a bit.  Over the next few months he read the press coverage of the Ride the Ducks trial. Watched episodes on Court TV.  And even came to trial.  A good part of the article was written before the verdict came down in February of 2019.

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Jane Doe Pseudonym Is Okay in Sexual Assault Lawsuit against "Celebrity"

Today a Federal Judge denied Defendant Nelly’s motion to dismiss a sexual assault and defamation case brought by the second plaintiff I’ve represented against him. In the first case, M.G. came forward with her identity because she had already been publicly identified and reporters were calling her within hours of the allege sexual assault. She was savaged through social media by fans of the rapper and others.

We filed this second lawsuit on behalf of “Jane Doe” so the plaintiff would be spared a similar horrible public ordeal.

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Nina and Leesh come to court

The courtroom is filled with black and gray suits.  Andrew is fiddling with the projector.  Camera person sets up.  Reporter sits down.  I pull out my computer.  Get it ready.  The projector is a no go - but we've brought our own.   Andrew switches them out.  I plug in my computer.   Mess around with the clicker.  Battery works.  But the back won't close.  Ah. There it goes.

Click back and forth on a few slides. Works.  Look up.  Turn toward the back of the courtroom and see Cristina and Alysha.  They've come to watch.  

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The One and Only Mary Fung Koehler

I haven't answered phone calls.  Or returned emails or texts.  I've just stayed in the cocoon of our  close family.  My sisters and brother, our children and in laws have been grieving together and working together in preparation for mom's celebration of life this weekend.  It has all been quite hideous and wonderful all at the same time.

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Dear Karen - Do you wear suits to trial, if not what's your typical "trialwear"

A male news anchor from Australia wore the same suit every day for a year - changing his shirt and tie - and no one noticed.  He did this to prove a point after becoming frustrated with the constant criticisms levied by the public against his female co-anchor's appearance.

"No one has noticed; no one gives a s**t.  But women, they wear the wrong colour and they get pulled up.  Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear."

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The origins of my initials and an updated motion to permit skype testimony at trial

Pick up mom from Shoreline.  It is 58 degrees out and she is in a faux fur black maxi coat with brass buttons.  She bought it for $25.  Half off at the consignment store.  Brand new from Sears.

Take her to late lunch at Din Tai Fung University Village.  Hour and a half wait.  Meet up with my brother Greg and his wife Laurie.  We say forget it.  Go to Boom Noodle.  Eat lunch.  Not as good as Din Tai Fung but quicker.  Greg and Laurie take Nala for doggie sitting play date.  I drive with mom to the movie theater at The Landing in Renton.  My sister Jenny pulls up.  Out jump her boys Ben and EJ.  We eat popcorn and watch Paddington Bear.  Quite delightful.

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Here Comes The Dean.

She is a stranger who sends me a handwritten letter after having read something about me.  I email her back and invite her to lunch.  She emails back and accepts.  Two months later...

"Hi!"  She says with her warm smile, walking into my room.  "I love this office.  You have great art."

I take her over to chat with Paul Whelan.  Tour her through the maze that is our office.  Down to the old racket ball court now turned into a courtroom.  Out into the cool sunshine.  Down and across the street to the Boat Street Café.  Where we spend a delightful hour over our tasty baguette sandwiches.

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The secret life of a mentor

"Hi, I heard from so and so that you would be a good person to talk to about (fill in the blank with something about the pracitce of law).  Do you have time to talk to me."

Regardless if I do or don't, I never say no.  And always do it in person.

Whether it is a 7:30 am breakfast at CJ's, lunch, or a visit to the office, when young people seek me out personally to ask for advice or input, I believe eyeball to eyeball is the best way to meet.

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