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Ending Mediation with a runaway dog, broken alarm and a traumatized paralegal

I leave Nala at home. Today is a half day mediation.  At my office.  We will be done by 1:00.  I can then come home and let her out.  She will be fine for four hours.

The mediation drags a bit.  Colleen Barrett is the mediator.  First time I've used her. She was a defense attorney.  Had several cases against her.  Always liked her.

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The Office Fitbit Solution

Anne has started off the new year with a Fitbit.   Her goal - add steps to her sedentary work day.  Tearing herself away from her desk has proven difficult.  Anne always has more work than she can complete.

Enter Nala.  She comes to work most days.  There are many hours spent lying on the floor, chewing an old antler, digging the stuffing out of her bed, and otherwise being bored.  She doesn't complain though.  Afterwards we typically go for a run.

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Bump Bounce and Roll: Trying to start a trial.

On The Good Wife or Drop Dead Diva, the attorneys get the cases in the morning.  Try them in the afternoon.

In the real world the case is filed and then has to wait a year and a half for a trial date.

If it survives for that long, there is a fifty-fifty chance  the defense will ask the judge for (and get) a continuance.  Delay is a friend of the defense: Deny. Defend.  Delay.

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Preparing for Deposition: Oh. And by the way, he's a white supremacist too...

John, Anne and I are a Toulouse Petite.  Having our staffing meeting while eating breakfast.

A:  Do we need to do anything else to take X's deposition.  We have the court order.  The Assistant Attorney General says he doesn't think X will agree to say anything.

K3:   We could issue a subpoena and have him served.  But he's already in prison.

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What to do if (when) your staff screws up

During the past 28 years (gulp), I've had the pleasure (and only rare horror) of working with many secretaries, legal secretaries, now known as administrative assistants, and paralegals.  I couldn't do what I do without their care and support.  They are my lifelines in the midst of the legal whirlwind we practice in.

Every once and awhile, I've had to deal with one of their mistakes.  This is never a good thing.  Sometimes it rises to the category of awful.  But no one is perfect.  Including of course us lawyers.

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Exactly one week before trial...uh oh

Wake up at 6.  Hear Alysha turn off the alarm and leave to teach her yoga class.

Lean down and grab ipad off floor.  Check email.  Check weather. Turn on Pandora Anthony Hamilton station.  Lie there like a slug for another hour.  Leisurely get up and out the door.  Nala gets around to doing her business after first lunging for an imaginary squirrel.

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