When a trial lawyer becomes a grandma


September 12, 2018

12.44 am Complete another deposition designation.

1:30 Conk out

7:00 Wake up. Today is marked off as a day I will not be working.

7:30 Return to computer on kitchen table and work. Massive trial paperwork deadlines due tomorrow.

9:00 Go for run with Nala because it is the only time that will be possible.

10:20 Back to computer because of deadlines.

11:00 Leave for airport.

11:30 Pick up Noelle at arrivals.

11:30 Call Sol for update. They are at hospital but things are going mighty slowly. We ask: should we go home. He says: feel free to come to hospital. We head towards Kirkland.

12:15 Grab lunch because Noelle is two hours ahead. Cristina wants juice from Whole Foods. Noelle asks the juice bar attendant what is the best juice for women in labor. They say - abc juice which is apples beet carrot. It looks awful. We buy it and head over.

1:30 Arrive at hospital. Give Cristina and Sol a big hug. She looks glamorous. Which seems impossible. She takes a swig of the juice and makes a face. Gross. We chit chat and walk the halls with them. Since things are still early Noelle and I drive home so she can unpack and get settled.

3:30 As soon as we get home Alysha says she wants to go to the hospital. Noelle doesn’t unpack and they leave.

3:31 Back to computer in kitchen. Work furiously. Everything is going to be due tomorrow. Must get as much as possible done. Many attorneys and paralegals are working at the office carrying out all of the instructions that flow like lava out of my mouth. Andrew, Jesica, Melanie, Debbie, Garth, Lisa, Janet, Rachel, Georgia. Thank you.

3:31 Continue working. Will wait til rush hour is over then head back to the hospital. Will set up shop there and work late.

4:49 Sol texts update. Doctor says the baby will be here very late at night or early in the morning. Perfect. Text extended family.

4:50 Continue working.

6:23 Noelle calls: she and Alysha went to get ChickFilA for Cristina and Sol. But when they returned the door was closed. So they left the bag. They have been texting Sol and he isn’t texting them back.

6:32 Noelle calls: they aren’t sure what’s going on. They are going to investigate.

6:40 Noelle calls: mom you better come back. We were going to go home but the nurse said we might want to stay. She’s having the baby - hurry.

6:46 Jump in the car and am driving back.

6:59 Am on the 520 bridge just about mid span. Noelle calls: she had the baby!

7:00 Am thinking - she had the baby when I was on the 520 freaking bridge.

7:07 Noelle calls: they won’t let us in for two hours anyway.

7:08 Am thinking - she had the baby when I was on the 520 freaking bridge.

7:20 Park and rush into family center. The girls are there and look shell shocked. We sit and debrief. Other family members join us.

8:00 The nurse comes over and says: every once in a while something like this happens. Nina went from wanting french fries to having a baby. In less than an hour.

9:30 Sol opens the door and comes out. We hug him and tip toe into the room. Cristina looks unreal - as if she took a nap. Barely rumpled. Sol looks more dazed than she does. We approach and meet our new adorable beloved little sweetheart. It is all magical and lovely and amazing and we are instantly in love.

10:45 Come home.

10:46 Grandma Lawyer gets back on the computer and works another three and a half hours so that the deadlines can all be met.

2:30 am Go to bed.

Postscript: That next day mom, dad and baby go home. My office files a 288 page trial brief, 92 pages of Jury Instructions, Motions in Limine, and a few other things. Everything is right on time.