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Exactly one week before trial...uh oh

Wake up at 6.  Hear Alysha turn off the alarm and leave to teach her yoga class.

Lean down and grab ipad off floor.  Check email.  Check weather. Turn on Pandora Anthony Hamilton station.  Lie there like a slug for another hour.  Leisurely get up and out the door.  Nala gets around to doing her business after first lunging for an imaginary squirrel.

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Sunday and the ladder

It's the weekend and guess where I am.  Yes.  In the office.  Working on a brief.  Because two defendants think they can get out of  rear ending cars on the freeway.  This is the story of my morning's misadventure.

Here are few details you will observe.  First - yikes - no makeup.  Second - am sitting on ball which apparently is bouncy.  Third - have a runner's tan line.

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Dear Judge - don't give the defense lawyers her Facebook account

Am heading out on a plane tomorrow to fight this in court.  The young woman is 21.  The defense pulled all of her public social network postings a few years ago.  Recently they tried to grab more stuff off the sites but encountered privacy settings.

We bring a motion  to prevent "an unnecessary additional fishing expedition into her private life."  The defense says - this information could be relevant so it has to be produced.

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