The real and true story of how I ended upon the cover of WA St Super Lawyers Magazine 2019


In the middle of the Ride the Ducks trial Beth Taylor of Thompson Reuters called and asked if Super Lawyers could profile me for its annual magazine.  She wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Ross Anderson, a freelance journalist met me over a weekend.  We chatted a bit.  Over the next few months he read the press coverage of the Ride the Ducks trial. Watched episodes on Court TV.  And even came to trial.  A good part of the article was written before the verdict came down in February of 2019.

In April, Rick Dahms a freelance photographer came with a helper to take my photo on a Saturday.  By then the jury verdict had been appealed.  For the first two hours, Rick took photos in my pink office with Nala.  Then he told me Beth wanted us to go to the Aurora Bridge.  He and the assistant packed up the gear and told me to meet them on the North end of the bridge.  He said Beth wanted me to wear the Captain’s hat used during opening statement.  I searched around for 10 minutes but fortunately couldn’t find it.  Followed them to the bridge. For the next almost two hours Rick fussed with this light and angle and up here no down there and all over and I cannot believe how much rigor goes into a shot.  The final series was taken of me standing on top of a four foot tall concrete platform at the end of the bridge.  Rick was sitting way down on the pavement. Shooting up at me.  Traffic was heavy.  Cars honked.  Hair was whipping like medusa.  I had visions of vehicles losing control on that hideous narrow lane bridge and hitting Rick. Actual gory images flashed through my mind. Courtesy of second hand PTSD from my clients’ trial testimony.   A chant went over and over in my mind: when is this going to be over when is this going to be over. We finished thankfully without incident. 


 This Friday when the magazine came out, it was such an honor.  Beth, Ross and Rick took great care to tell the story in a personal way that felt exactly like me.   It is here.

Photos: By Rick for Superlawyers.