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Some defense lawyers can't be friends too...

Last week something unpleasant happened.

I lost a friend.  Not a great one.  But a friend nonetheless.

I met him when he was still a law student and was one of his mentors.  He clerked for our firm.   Then a bit later he worked with us for a year.  He stayed in our building after that, working for another lawyer who was renting an office from us.  We kept in touch.   His boss moved his office.  And we wished them well.  A bit later,  I heard  he had quit and decided to take a job with a defense firm.  No shame in that.  You gotta do what you gotta do.

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Hollyball or Bust

Prologue:  The best and worst outfit I ever wore to the Hollyball was when I was President of WSTLA. It was an election year.  We were fighting for the insurance fair conduct act.  And if you added to all that -raising my girls and handling my job...well....There was no time for shopping.

The theme was the Red Hot Hollyball.  And I was determined to do it right.   So a few days before the big event, I went online. or some such website. Found a red hot hollyball dress.

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Giving Honor to His Honor

We are packed in his former office building.  Reminiscing.  Rubbing elbows.  Smiling and sometimes shedding tears.  Marveling over the career of this brilliant man.

Born over a gas station in rural Washington.  Becoming one of the best plaintiff trial lawyers the state has ever seen.  President of the trial lawyers.  President of the state bar.  And finally Supreme Court Justice.  We are here to honor Tom Chambers.

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And they didn't tip over

It is a beautiful Sunday morning.  We enter the freezing West Seattle High School gym.  Am wearing poofy big jacket so no problem.  Cristina is looking stylish in a vest and begins to turn blue.

Have volunteered to handle the scoreboard and clock.  Am going to make Cristina do the hard part.  The coordinator gives us directions.  The teams are warming up.  We are watching them.  Not paying attention to the guy.  I tell Cristina to listen to what he's saying.  We end up splitting the duties in half.  I do the score and fouls.  She does the clock.

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Silver threaded catfish whiskers

The first time I wanted to dye my hair, I was a 23 year old second year law student and a Madonna wannabe.  I tried to envision myself with bleached blonde hair and black eyebrows.  Ultimately I chickened out.

A few years later I was in Europe.  The Italian women had dark hair like mine.  But they had put copper streaks all through them.  This  was called a foil.  I could actually envision myself with copper locks. But again, chickened out.

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Which Way

Am hob nobbing with senators, representatives, and their aides in the other Washington.   Or rather, my friend Maria is talking to them and I periodically smile when they make eye contact.   As the morning progresses, must admit.  It is rather fatiguing - all this head shaking, hand shaking and smiling.

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The Knitter

Thelma (our receptionist) gives me a manilla envelope.  She says - after much sleuthing I figured this out.  I don't understand.  My name is not on the envelope.   Black marker simply says "Jo-Hanna Read."

Jo-Hanna is the only person I've ever known whose name is Jo-Hanna.  I'm careful to spell it correctly because it is a very special name.  Jo-Hanna is a dear friend of mine.  A trial lawyer who champions the rights of those who are abused - usually sexually.

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