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Your Honor: We object to ...the lego wall

I delegate the job of arguing legal motions and jury instructions to Andrew Ackley. He has this chore most days after trial and several full working days. At first sit at counsel’s table and watch him. But as the trial progresses, as soon as the trial day ends - bolt out of the door. Do not have the bandwith to listen to the tortuous exercise of compiling jury instructions nor the constant barrage of motions. Andrew is excellent. By dividing up these responsibilities can give full attention to preparing for the next trial day.

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Nina and Leesh come to court

The courtroom is filled with black and gray suits.  Andrew is fiddling with the projector.  Camera person sets up.  Reporter sits down.  I pull out my computer.  Get it ready.  The projector is a no go - but we've brought our own.   Andrew switches them out.  I plug in my computer.   Mess around with the clicker.  Battery works.  But the back won't close.  Ah. There it goes.

Click back and forth on a few slides. Works.  Look up.  Turn toward the back of the courtroom and see Cristina and Alysha.  They've come to watch.  

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Life after trial

I believe that lawyers take too much credit when a trial is won and too much responsibility when a trial is lost.

Of course this is our j.o.b.  We are in it to win it.  Our client's well being is our number one top absolute priority.  And regardless of the reasons why sometimes we cannot convince the judge or jury of our position - it totally bites when we lose.

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Nala goes kayaking

Oh goodie.  Oh goodie.  Yay.  Yippee.

We are up here at the cabin.  Am looking out the window in the living room.  Watching her carry the little blue kayak down the hill.  She is trying to mimic Sol who balances the big kayaks on top of his head.    Oops.  There it goes over to the left.  She hefts it up.  Then it slops over again.  She looks like a wobbly blue turtle as she makes her way down.

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Why I saw Trainwreck for the third time - recovering from a Mind Meld

Psychodrama is popular in trial lawyer circles.  This weekend it is taught at our trial lawyer convention.  I do not attend.  Happily.

I don't care for the term psychodrama.  I've heard many good reviews from friends and colleagues.  I know many of the people who teach it.  But honestly, just hearing the word psychodrama causes a bit of a nose wrinkling reaction deep within me.

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The Dreaded Colonoscopy

The past four days have involved a bit of whining.  I admit to this.

My clients stoically go through medical horrors.  Their family and friends often say:  they never complained.  They truly are heroes.

I on the other hand have made it one of my missions in life to tell it like it is.

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Hollyball or Bust

Prologue:  The best and worst outfit I ever wore to the Hollyball was when I was President of WSTLA. It was an election year.  We were fighting for the insurance fair conduct act.  And if you added to all that -raising my girls and handling my job...well....There was no time for shopping.

The theme was the Red Hot Hollyball.  And I was determined to do it right.   So a few days before the big event, I went online. or some such website. Found a red hot hollyball dress.

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Deposition or Dim Sum - A trial lawyer's adventures in San Francisco

Wake up at 4:15 am.  Didn't mean to.  Go back to sleep.  Wake up 4:45.  No.  No.  No.  Close eyes.  Alarm rings 5:00.  Slide out of bed. It is still dark out.  Grope way to closet.  Throw on Gray pants with little white polka dots.  Flats.  Soft sweater.  Gray coat.  Do ministrations.  Zip up already packed suitcase.  Hidden in closet because Nala has grown to hate it.  She knows what it means.  Lap top in carry on.  Ipad in purse.  Liquids and gels in year old ziplock.  Fold up beats headphones Debbie got me.  Blanket.  Extension cord.  Luna bars. Orange,  Check off list in head.

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A trial lawyer's occupational hazard: details details details

Here is my confession of the day.  I am not only highly detail oriented at work.  There is some spill over.

My girls have done their best to keep me from going over the edge into full blown OCD.   We used to have a rule from the time they could walk.  The house stayed clean except they had dominion over their own rooms.  So long as I could close their doors they could do what they wanted.  That is until I eventually couldn't stand it anymore and picked up and sorted through the various piles of debris.

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The un-vacation day 1

There is nowhere more beautiful than Seattle in the summertime.  Decide for once, to remain here and relax rather than go somewhere else for vacation.  Have many friends who do this.  Watch all their good times on facebook.  They explore the city.  Stay home and garden.   Have friends over.  Hang out on the patio.

This is what happens when  a trial lawyer decides to take a stay-cation.

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Diary of a mediation in Spokane

The alarm is ringing.  Try to ignore it, but know cannot.  Look at the phone/clock and it is 4:30.  As in a.m.  Put on ugly red glasses.  Only wear them when no one can see me.  Like now.  Lie there til 4:45.  Finally jump up because  have to make a plane.  Open the drapes.  There is a gigantic full moon that seems to be shining a path across puget sound right into my bedroom.

Rush around. Put on black clothing.  Tell Nala to get up.  Out the door.  Drop her at doggie daycare.  Make it to the airport by 6.  Stand in sluggish security line.  Even the special Spokane shuttle line is clogged.  No worries.  Have time to get a scone and bottle of water from D'Lish.

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