Very best friend in the whole wide world.

Shellie and I on her birthday.

I met Shellie 30 years ago when she was pregnant with her eldest daughter.  We were both working at a hideously dysfunctional insurance defense firm. She wisely fled before I did.  

I finally left when the firm was at a holiday lunch in a stuffy upstairs room at the Rainier Club.  We were wondering where the partners were, and the receptionist said - oh they are arguing and the firm is going to break up (again).  That was it.  I left and went across the street to Shellie's office.  She was on maternity leave for her third child so I used her office until she returned.  Then, for the next year plus I moved to the other side of her desk and we shared it.  It felt odd when finally another office opened up and I moved out.  We were so used to working in the same room.

It is one of life's joys to have a friend like Shellie.  She is sunny, fun, and an incredible wit.  We laugh and laugh and laugh when we're together.  We tell each other our bad stuff and share the good stuff.  She and her family are part of my family.  And I love her to pieces.

Happy Birthday Shellie  xoxoxo