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The 4 lamest words used to conduct direct exam of a fact witness

Drive up to the gate.  Pay $15 for a parking pass.  Drive 100 feet forward and turn left.  Find a space and park.  Am barefoot.  Slip on shoes.  Exit car.  Walk around the side of the building.  Open the doors.  Am now inside the UW school of law.    Head down the hallway to room 138.  Open the door.  It's a big theater styled space.  Walk down the stairs to the front.  Give Bill Bailey a hug.  He’s a full time professor there for now.  This is the big lecture class for the trial advocacy program.

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The last class

The teams are putting on the final trial.  It is our last class of the year.  The seventh year Bill Bailey and I have taught trial advocacy together at the UW.  (He's a professor on staff now in the law school)

Rush around all day doing our regular lawyer stuff.  Inch along thru rush hour traffic to get to the school by 5:30.  Stomachs often rumbling.  Sometimes choke down a power bar.

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Words of Wisdom for Young Lawyers - Humility

Yesterday a law student from Phoenix asked for this article (written about a decade ago). 

Trial Lawyers are often perceived by the public as arrogant and phony.  This is because the art of braggadocio is so prevalent and even sometimes necessary in our profession.   Behind the show lie those memories that need to be periodically replayed so we don’t buy into the myth of our professional persona.

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