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Clare Vellek

This week we celebrated Clare's 30 years of service to the Washington State Association for Justice.  I met Clare when it was named WSTLA - the trial lawyer's association.  The entire time I've known her she's run the legal education department.

Of all the committees I've worked on over the years, WSTLA/WSAJ CLE was my favorite.

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Escape of the Goblin

Am being good patient non-wiggling member of audience at the convention.  For several hours.  It is the Luvera Seminar without Luvera (dear Paul please get well).  Another Paul (Stritmatter) my partner, is playing the role of host to a rapid fire panel of speakers.

Paul tells a story to illustrate the point that jurors always like him the best of anyone in the courtroom.  He says he works hard to be professional and nice and liked the best.  And over time whether inside or outside of the courtroom, it is a habit that has stuck.  He is a very pleasant and likeable fellow.

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A lesson not taught well enough

Am late. The room is filled with female trial attorneys.  We call ourselves WOW (Women of WSAJ).  Am here to show moral support.   Move to the rear of the room, grabbing a cluster of red grapes along the way.  Take off puffy coat.  Stand and listen.

About ten minutes later my phone rings.  Go to silence it but see it is Cristina.  Are you still in a meeting she says. I whisper yes.  She promises to call later.  Put it on silence.  Another ten minutes pass.  I see someone on the other side of the glass door.  Break into huge smile.  It is Cristina.  She's surprised me by coming home from college (spring break) a day early.

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