Nina and Leesh come to court

visiting mama in the court

The courtroom is filled with black and gray suits.  Andrew is fiddling with the projector.  Camera person sets up.  Reporter sits down.  I pull out my computer.  Get it ready.  The projector is a no go - but we've brought our own.   Andrew switches them out.  I plug in my computer.   Mess around with the clicker.  Battery works.  But the back won't close.  Ah. There it goes.

Click back and forth on a few slides. Works.  Look up.  Turn toward the back of the courtroom and see Cristina and Alysha.  They've come to watch.  

The smile starts in my stomach and spread out through my face.  I rush over and give them hugs and kisses.  

Hey everyone - I say to the courtroom.  These are my daughters.  They all say hi to my girls.  Cristina is 9 months pregnant.  This causes even more of a commotion.  I huge them one more time.  Cristina hands me a Top Pot buttermilk donut in a little sack for later.  A superb choice.

The bailiff asks if we are ready.  We are.  Judge walks in.  We stand.  Judge sits.  We sit.  And then I'm stand up.  And let it flow.

Photo:  Screenshot of the group text they send me afterwards.

I get up