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Pretty in Pink

Where the heck have I been.  Well, I started writing a book.  I write it mainly when on airplanes.  Decided I wouldn't blog until the book was finished.   But then changed my mind.

Since the last time I wrote here, we moved our office three miles down the street.   We are in the top floor of a 1970s fishing company building that we bought and are in the process of refurbishing.

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The Office Fitbit Solution

Anne has started off the new year with a Fitbit.   Her goal - add steps to her sedentary work day.  Tearing herself away from her desk has proven difficult.  Anne always has more work than she can complete.

Enter Nala.  She comes to work most days.  There are many hours spent lying on the floor, chewing an old antler, digging the stuffing out of her bed, and otherwise being bored.  She doesn't complain though.  Afterwards we typically go for a run.

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Exactly one week before trial...uh oh

Wake up at 6.  Hear Alysha turn off the alarm and leave to teach her yoga class.

Lean down and grab ipad off floor.  Check email.  Check weather. Turn on Pandora Anthony Hamilton station.  Lie there like a slug for another hour.  Leisurely get up and out the door.  Nala gets around to doing her business after first lunging for an imaginary squirrel.

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Guess what - the email server has crashed

Am in an absolutely foul detestable mood.  The stupid office servers have had a "catastrophic failure."  24 hours ago and counting.

Can feel blood pressure increasing.  Stomach is sitting at base of throat.  Have a prehearing statement of proof due today.  Am growling orders.  Punching numbers on the phone.  One after the other.  Apologize for being so awful.  Then go back to being horrible.

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All dressed up and nowhere to go

The clerk sends an email on Thursday.  Our trial starts Monday.  Or it is supposed to.  This case has been scheduled for trial for over a year.  But SNAP!  Just like that.  A criminal case pushes its way past us.  This happens in November.

Fast forward.  We are now set to start the same trial June 4.  After a six month delay.  Everyone is ready to go.  Some of the witnesses have booked flights and hotels.  But wait.  SNAP!  Just like that.  We are bumped again.  By another criminal case.    We are now supposed to start this whole thing over again in October. Supposedly.

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Do Not Disturb

The defense has filed motions asking the judge to keep evidence out of the trial.  Garth has written briefs to oppose the motions but they need more factual detail.  This means need to dig through half a dozen depositions and a six inch stack of documents.   Am taking an expert deposition at the same time by phone on a different case.  Finish it and hang up.  Phone rings  pick up repeat.  Paralegals running in and out.  Am known for being able to multi-task.  They talk, I answer while typing. 

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The bone

She's been on quite good behavior.  For Nala.  Probably because she ran and swam at the dog park yesterday and then went on a run with me.

Meet Alysha at Whole Foods for lunch (salad bar heaven) and pick up a bone for Nala.  It is pre-wrapped but don't want to touch it.  Get little baggy from bulk foods and use that to scoop it up.

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What happens when you work too much?

My kids will tell you that they love that I am so passionate about what I do for a living, and they hope one day they can find a career that they care about as much as I do. But they also say they don't want to be lawyers because I work too much. It doesn't help when I remind them that I didn't start working full time until Noelle the youngest started Kindergarten. Their memories of me when they were little children don't appear to count. Today they are dispersed - at camp, at a summer camp out, and at the pizzeria.

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My Office

I spend more time in my office (awake) than any other room in the world. I have two computers, one of which is currently playing '70s funk music. There is  cool artwork on the walls and I will find myself fixating on different colors or shapes throughout the day. I have no paper files hogging space so my few books can breath alongside pictures of my girls and Ed.

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