No... I'm not the client

Taney Missouri courthouse

Defense counsel and I walk up to the Taney County Courthouse in Missouri.  There is a red sign in the middle of the entrance door that says no cell phones or other electronic devices allowed in building.

Jack is in a suit and is carrying a legal sized briefcase.  I am in a dress and cardigan with my purse and laptop in a bag.  It is 90 degrees at 8:30 a.m. 

We are greeted by three security personnel who are operating a scanner and metal detector. 

The first woman looks at me with a slight frown.  Then looks to Jack and says: is she your cl…

 I interrupt.  I’m an attorney.

 Oh she says.  Then allows me to place my electronics on the conveyor belt.

 Jack has been licensed to practice law for 4 years.  I’m going on 33.