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Nina and Leesh come to court

The courtroom is filled with black and gray suits.  Andrew is fiddling with the projector.  Camera person sets up.  Reporter sits down.  I pull out my computer.  Get it ready.  The projector is a no go - but we've brought our own.   Andrew switches them out.  I plug in my computer.   Mess around with the clicker.  Battery works.  But the back won't close.  Ah. There it goes.

Click back and forth on a few slides. Works.  Look up.  Turn toward the back of the courtroom and see Cristina and Alysha.  They've come to watch.  

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Introducing The Velvet Hammer Website 2.0:

My website was old. 

Ten years ago (at age 47 if you must know) finished my stint as President of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association.  Our organization had helped the citizens of our state survive two consecutive initiative battles - caps on medical negligence damages and a roll back of the Insurance Fair Conduct Act.  We were bashed by the insurance industry in the process via millions in TV ads. 

Took on the small personal mission of sharing the inner workings of life as a plaintiff lawyer.  Hoping that through transparency, others might see that lawyers were real people too. 

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Lawyer v. Lawyer part 4 I guess

After Thanksgiving, my brother sisters and I decide to sort through the few remaining boxes of mom's things.  The contents of two storage units and a condo have been reduced to a pile of certificates, photos, and little treasures.  We are at Greg and Laurie's craftsman house.  Sitting around the living room.  Creating our respective piles.

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The One and Only Mary Fung Koehler

I haven't answered phone calls.  Or returned emails or texts.  I've just stayed in the cocoon of our  close family.  My sisters and brother, our children and in laws have been grieving together and working together in preparation for mom's celebration of life this weekend.  It has all been quite hideous and wonderful all at the same time.

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The origins of my initials and an updated motion to permit skype testimony at trial

Pick up mom from Shoreline.  It is 58 degrees out and she is in a faux fur black maxi coat with brass buttons.  She bought it for $25.  Half off at the consignment store.  Brand new from Sears.

Take her to late lunch at Din Tai Fung University Village.  Hour and a half wait.  Meet up with my brother Greg and his wife Laurie.  We say forget it.  Go to Boom Noodle.  Eat lunch.  Not as good as Din Tai Fung but quicker.  Greg and Laurie take Nala for doggie sitting play date.  I drive with mom to the movie theater at The Landing in Renton.  My sister Jenny pulls up.  Out jump her boys Ben and EJ.  We eat popcorn and watch Paddington Bear.  Quite delightful.

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A trial lawyer's occupational hazard: details details details

Here is my confession of the day.  I am not only highly detail oriented at work.  There is some spill over.

My girls have done their best to keep me from going over the edge into full blown OCD.   We used to have a rule from the time they could walk.  The house stayed clean except they had dominion over their own rooms.  So long as I could close their doors they could do what they wanted.  That is until I eventually couldn't stand it anymore and picked up and sorted through the various piles of debris.

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The story of the palm reader and my trial checklist

My mother brought a 73 year old palm reader to Thanksgiving dinner.

Mom:  I want to bring my friend Ed.  He is really bright.  He is an attorney and a palm reader and I share my energy with him.

Me: Mom, I have already set the tables for 27.  We do not have room.  I don't have any plates left and had to get extra silverware from the office.

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Yogalysha strikes again

I had to bribe my children to read.

It started when Cristina reached Junior High and the other two were in grade school.  They never wanted to read for enjoyment.

Growing up - I made weekly treks to the Lake Forest Park library underneath the neighborhood shopping center.  It was small.  I read every book in there - sometimes more than once.  So it was disorienting that my girls could not conceive of reading a non-school book.

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Convention day 2: Party like a rock star

Give the speech.  Go for a run.  Have the spinal cord litigation group meeting.  Smile at the Phoenix Suns wheelchair basketball crew demo.  Go on our field trip.  Gawk at the brand spanking new disability center.  Apparently flirt (according to Cristina) with the very handsome fitness coordinator.  Barrio Queen for dinner with a lively group of 12.  Arrive back at the hotel at 9:30.

But wait.

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