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Bump Bounce and Roll: Trying to start a trial.

On The Good Wife or Drop Dead Diva, the attorneys get the cases in the morning.  Try them in the afternoon.

In the real world the case is filed and then has to wait a year and a half for a trial date.

If it survives for that long, there is a fifty-fifty chance  the defense will ask the judge for (and get) a continuance.  Delay is a friend of the defense: Deny. Defend.  Delay.

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All dressed up and nowhere to go

The clerk sends an email on Thursday.  Our trial starts Monday.  Or it is supposed to.  This case has been scheduled for trial for over a year.  But SNAP!  Just like that.  A criminal case pushes its way past us.  This happens in November.

Fast forward.  We are now set to start the same trial June 4.  After a six month delay.  Everyone is ready to go.  Some of the witnesses have booked flights and hotels.  But wait.  SNAP!  Just like that.  We are bumped again.  By another criminal case.    We are now supposed to start this whole thing over again in October. Supposedly.

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The day before trial....or not

The suspense is building.  All of our exhibits have been copied and are ready to go.  We have larger than life size poster boards of images.  Witness lists done.  Trial briefs done.  Motions done.  Jury Instructions done.  Briefs contesting the other side's arguments done.  Our witnesses have been called and are on standby.  We are so ready.

We've overcome all of the attacks on the case to get this far.  Feel like the Black Stallion.  Dancing, prancing, frothing a little bit, waiting for that door to open so can GO!

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