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Nala goes kayaking

Oh goodie.  Oh goodie.  Yay.  Yippee.

We are up here at the cabin.  Am looking out the window in the living room.  Watching her carry the little blue kayak down the hill.  She is trying to mimic Sol who balances the big kayaks on top of his head.    Oops.  There it goes over to the left.  She hefts it up.  Then it slops over again.  She looks like a wobbly blue turtle as she makes her way down.

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Hollyball or Bust

Prologue:  The best and worst outfit I ever wore to the Hollyball was when I was President of WSTLA. It was an election year.  We were fighting for the insurance fair conduct act.  And if you added to all that -raising my girls and handling my job...well....There was no time for shopping.

The theme was the Red Hot Hollyball.  And I was determined to do it right.   So a few days before the big event, I went online. or some such website. Found a red hot hollyball dress.

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How to prepare for trial and have a dinner party with Bryce, Dana & Jean

Today is our last day to file motions.  For the third time since the trial has been continued twice.  Motion after motion, instructions, declarations, orders, notes.  We have been working like crazy to get them all done.  Garth and I have been doing all the briefing.  Anne and Jody are scrambling to format and get everything filed.

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Convention day 2: Party like a rock star

Give the speech.  Go for a run.  Have the spinal cord litigation group meeting.  Smile at the Phoenix Suns wheelchair basketball crew demo.  Go on our field trip.  Gawk at the brand spanking new disability center.  Apparently flirt (according to Cristina) with the very handsome fitness coordinator.  Barrio Queen for dinner with a lively group of 12.  Arrive back at the hotel at 9:30.

But wait.

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Time to play hooky with Edouard Duval-Carrie

We really should be going to a political luncheon.  One of the high points of AAJ conventions are the big wigs who come to speak.  Sometimes they are phenomenal.  A couple years ago we had  Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Richardson one after the other.   But today, we walk out into the sunshine, grab a cab and head towards the Haiti district.  It is a bit out of the way and our cabbie offers to come back to get us.

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Paris day 5 L'Gustation

We rush to make it on time to our last class, cut through the Luxembourg Jardin, exit and realize we shouldn’t have.  We are off course, back track and eventually arrive a bit late.  Hear the first speaker on Qui Tam – a subject that I don’t think I have any interest in but which is absolutely fascinating.  I want to do a Qui Tam.  Hear tummy rumbling.  Take a quick break.  Run to patisserie down the street, pick up a small (it is small – it is it is – well, ok maybe just not gigantic) almond croissant and because it IS  kind of small, also get a pain d’raison just in case.  Rush back to class and mange both.  Much better.

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Paris day 3 - le supper et la chanteuse

We meet at a bistro type of restaurant.  Our group fills the entire place.  Tres impressive.  Suddenly, we hear the sound of - could it be - an alto saxophone.  Mai oui!  There is a bright red headed very slim French woman dressed in a black dress and bomber jacket who has come to entertain us.  She waltzes around our tables (I'm not sure how since the sax is as big as she is and there's little navigable room but she is a determined femme).  Voila - she is done.  We clap.

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WSAJ Convention day 3 continued

It is high noon and I squeeze in a run before hanging out with Cristina at the pool.   With AAJ convention having occurred last month, here is what I notice.  When my kids don't come with me, I socialize much more in between all the events.  When they attend, I am conscious about needing to spend as much time as possible with them.   I never achieve a perfect balance with work and family.   I'm constantly saying to my kids - what do you want to do today.  This is code for - how am I going to fit in everything that needs to be fit in today.

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AAJ Convention Night 4 Up the Down Elevator

I'm late. I toss on some white jeans, go down the elevator and run across the street to the other hotel. The first reception is for Mary Alice's campaign. It looks like a party planner did it. There are big vases filled with blue, white and green M&Ms in honor of her official colors. You'll be proud to know that I resist the urge to grab a handful. Ah, the temptations. It is bright, airy, filled with food and laughing people. A friend and I decide to go check out the competition's campaign party. It is across the street.

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