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The brutal reality as seen by 3D Radiological Imaging

Technology is changing the way we are able to visualize everything.  This 3D imaging study shows a picture that makes more sense to us than would a simple xray.

In this case, a worker was killed on the job when he was installing a defective device.  The electrical system in the piece of equipment had been negligently manufactured.  When he started to install it, the device shorted  and launched like a rocket into his face.  He survived the impact but died in the hospital about a month later.

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Argument by iphone

Alarm goes off.  Am already conscious.  Tissues surround me.  Am ill.

Have to be in court by 8:45.  Go through the motions.  Get there in time.  Judge S is late.  We are set to argue before a jury trial starts at 9.  They are at the voir dire phase.  The prosecutor and defender are chatting.

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Guess what - the email server has crashed

Am in an absolutely foul detestable mood.  The stupid office servers have had a "catastrophic failure."  24 hours ago and counting.

Can feel blood pressure increasing.  Stomach is sitting at base of throat.  Have a prehearing statement of proof due today.  Am growling orders.  Punching numbers on the phone.  One after the other.  Apologize for being so awful.  Then go back to being horrible.

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Day 2 and an iPad day smarter

I wrote this blog then lost the whole blasted thing.  Tis sits about how my iPad experience is going.  Humbling.

Am deep in the world of free apps.  Used Zite to create a magazine of things that interest me.  some of which already don't and are destined for the delete key. Now have an alarm clock that tells the weather.  My favorite tho is the kissing kitties am going to send them to my girls.

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iPad or bust

I am in DC at an ugly hotel for AAJ. I have made the plunge and decided to leave my laptop at home. This will force me to rely solely upon the iPad that I've been dabbling with since December.  Leaving the laptop is like leaving one of my arms.  I'm bereft and a little scared.

So far I'm most underwhelmed by typing on this thing.  ILife to type fast and as you can see do not have the technique down yet.  Actually it's getting better but still is too slow andtoo many mistakes.

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