My Office

I spend more time in my office (awake) than any other room in the world. I have two computers, one of which is currently playing '70s funk music. There is  cool artwork on the walls and I will find myself fixating on different colors or shapes throughout the day. I have no paper files hogging space so my few books can breath alongside pictures of my girls and Ed.

There are two bronze busts of Brandeis which were gifts from my trial lawyers association, and two plaques but otherwise the rest of the certificates are buried somewhere. I have a palm tree that has lived with me since I joined this firm in 2004 and usually there's an orchid perched on the corner above one of the monitors. There's also a little bin of doggie toys and the bones up high on a shelf.

There are a few things that I could use to make this room complete:

1) a treadmill with place for a computer so I could type and surf while walking or I could go for a run late at night - now that would be excellent;

2) a stair stepper;

3) a big bean bag - I used to have a small purple one but it was made for an infant;

4) sliding panels that I could open on each of my walls so I could talk to Kevin and Mimy without having to pound on the walls or buzz them;

5) a 60" computer monitor/LCD screen built into the wall. I might have to move a picture but it would be worth it;

6) a silent refrigerator - that way I wouldn't have to share with everyone - very selfish and not green I know - I probably can abandon this;

7) a scanner that works - I got a cheap one and it lasted about a month;

8) tons of candles - apparently we can't have any candles due to fire hazard which is unfortunate because it's hard to set a "mood" with fluorescent lights;

9) a small locker for my work out clothes which are currently on the floor; and

10) a walk in closet would be nice.