The bone

She's been on quite good behavior.  For Nala.  Probably because she ran and swam at the dog park yesterday and then went on a run with me.

Meet Alysha at Whole Foods for lunch (salad bar heaven) and pick up a bone for Nala.  It is pre-wrapped but don't want to touch it.  Get little baggy from bulk foods and use that to scoop it up.

Nala is quite delighted when presented with the tasty morsel.  She starts in on it.  Smells too bone-ish so open the door and put up the little wooden child proof gate to air things out.  Oh.  She is going to town.

Brad comes over to see what the racket is.  Nala is no longer on good behavior.  She barks and lunges protecting the bone.  Off goes laughing Brad as she gets a scolding.

An hour or so passes.  Bark bark, lunge and she hits the gate which is a shoddy little thing.  It falls down with a bang.  Ron has come to pay me a visit.  What a nice greeting he gets.  She is so loud John comes down the stairs to make sure everything is okay.

Ron says bye.  Nala gets scolded some more.  Which probably does no good.  Need to consult with the dog whisperer one of these days.  Am hopeless dog non-discipliner.

Finally the bone has been chewed to Nala's satisfaction.  And she is passed out waiting for me to leave.