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The treadmill visitor

Am confined to hotel room.  Prepping for trial tomorrow.  Sniffling.  At about 10:30 pm decide to go clear away the fog.  The gym is open 24/7.  Change into gear.  Give one good last blow and head downstairs.  Turn on the lights.  Utter peace.

This is my time to let my mind roam wherever it wants.  Michael Jackson on the ipod.  The Olympics on TV.  Am watching the high jumpers.  About a mile into the run, the door opens.  A minx with shaggy (wet) blonde hair tosses her room key onto the treadmill next to me.  I sigh at the noise she makes and try to ignore her.

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Nala goes for a run

We are running my favorite route.  The sun is shining.  Oh it is so fun to do this.  Love to do this.  Ooh I see you bird.  Wish could jump out of this harness thing She has strapped around me.  It fastens in front.  She thinks it will stop me from pulling her.  Don't know why She thinks that.  But it does feel better than being pulled by the neck.  Am not complaining.  Love being outside.  Even though She runs way too slow.  But am not complaining.

We get to Myrtle Edwards park.  Ooh I see you bird.  This is where the trouble starts.  Ooh that little boy wants to pet me.  She doesn't stop.  Nice try little boy.

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The big oops

Am in the well seasoned congressman's office. Admiring the family photos on the credenza.  He is standing with his daughter who Is in her wedding dress.  A proud father.  See the photo of the newborn.  Sweet.  As we get up to leave, shake his hand and congratulate him on becoming a proud grandfather.

He says, I'm the dad.  The eldest child is three and we have an infant as well.

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Do Not Disturb

The defense has filed motions asking the judge to keep evidence out of the trial.  Garth has written briefs to oppose the motions but they need more factual detail.  This means need to dig through half a dozen depositions and a six inch stack of documents.   Am taking an expert deposition at the same time by phone on a different case.  Finish it and hang up.  Phone rings  pick up repeat.  Paralegals running in and out.  Am known for being able to multi-task.  They talk, I answer while typing. 

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Marymoor Yippee

I’m happy today.  Actually I’m just about always happy.  I like being in this little cozy compartment with this dirty brown fuzzy pad in it.  It smells nice.  The music today is groovy.  Yep. This is the life.  Can’t wait to do whatever is going to happen next.

Wait.  What’s that smell.  Do I smell something different.  Doesn’t smell just like car fumes and pavement.  Sniff.  Sniff.  Oh my.  Do I dare to dream.  Yippee.  Yes it is.  It is!  Oops.  Sorry about that.  I know she doesn’t like it when I bark in the car.  But I know where we are.  Oooh.  Yay!  I’m so happy.

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The unreadable face

I am having a very nice conversation with a strikingly attractive woman.   She seems to be about my age.  We have alot in common and are getting to know each other.   We are begining to form a human bond.  Or at least we are trying to.  There's an impediment.

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