Do Not Disturb


The defense has filed motions asking the judge to keep evidence out of the trial.  Garth has written briefs to oppose the motions but they need more factual detail.  This means need to dig through half a dozen depositions and a six inch stack of documents.   Am taking an expert deposition at the same time by phone on a different case.  Finish it and hang up.  Phone rings  pick up repeat.  Paralegals running in and out.  Am known for being able to multi-task.  They talk, I answer while typing.  Try to be polite and make eye contact as well. (Piano lessons as young kid appear to have resulted in ability to type while doing just about anything else). Cristina wants to know what is happening for lunch.  Decide should feed our team so tell her to order Thai.  Conference call comes on.  Cristina brings in lunch.  Ask her to make a do not disturb sign for my door.  Probably do this once a year.  Like having door always open.  Am working on the second briefing project, eating phad see ew and helping plan seminars for WSAJ by phone.  Cristina walks into room and plasters window-wall with do not disturb signs.  Start to laugh.  I just meant one.