Guess what - the email server has crashed


Am in an absolutely foul detestable mood.  The stupid office servers have had a "catastrophic failure."  24 hours ago and counting.

Can feel blood pressure increasing.  Stomach is sitting at base of throat.  Have a prehearing statement of proof due today.  Am growling orders.  Punching numbers on the phone.  One after the other.  Apologize for being so awful.  Then go back to being horrible.

Co-counsel needs a trial exhibit.  Go to my little external hard drive to pull it up.  Computer says the file has been corrupted.  Call/yell for Ryan.  Our Tech guy.  Who has been here since last night (Sunday) dealing with chaos of server implosion.  He looks at hard drive.  Pulls out the rear plug and burns his hand.  This thing is dying he says.  He tries to back it up.  We don't know if that will work.

Lean backwards on big ball.  Close eyes and stretch.  Sit back up.  This is the absolute craps.