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7 bullets

I am looking at the Medical Examiner's chart.  She has been shot 7 times.  7 pieces of metal are either in or have gone through her small body.  The same height as mine. But more slender.  Her face is beautiful.  It was spared.  They aimed at her middle.

I count the bullet holes on the front of the body diagram.  Then on the back.  There are more than 7 holes.  Some bullets count for 2 holes each.  In. Out.

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Lawyer v. Lawyer part 4 I guess

After Thanksgiving, my brother sisters and I decide to sort through the few remaining boxes of mom's things.  The contents of two storage units and a condo have been reduced to a pile of certificates, photos, and little treasures.  We are at Greg and Laurie's craftsman house.  Sitting around the living room.  Creating our respective piles.

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On the One Year Anniversary of A Disaster - the Defendant goes on a media blitz

One year ago, Seattle experienced its worst traffic disaster.  A converted amphibious military vehicle built for World War II went across the center line of our most notorious bridge into the side of a school bus.   Five international students were killed and over 50 more students, tourists, and others were injured.    Firefighters who performed the rescue operations still become emotional when thinking about the disaster.

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Lawyer vs. Lawyer

June 1, 2016 3:31 PM

Hi Karen, I recently came across your post on "The Velvet Hammer" blog describing purported excerpts from John Henry Browne's emails to you during communications over the lawsuit involving Tracy McNamara.  I am interested in speaking with you about this when you have some free time.  Please give me a call.  Thanks,

Lewis Kamb, Reporter The Seattle Times

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Love the Owens

Tired of fake reality tv.

Try the true life story of the survival and recovery of the Owen family.  Brought to you by - the Owen Family.

According to the news:  On December 21st around 1:20 p.m. The Owen family was traveling on Highway 2 near Stevens Pass when a tree fell onto their suburban and claimed the lives of 58-year-old Tim Owen and 56-year-old Cheryl Reed. Also in the vehicle were the couple's son, Jeremy, daughters Jessie and Jamie, and son-in-law Steven Mayer. Jeremy was released from the hospital but the other three are still being treated for serious injuries.

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Motor mouth

Am lost.  Have made it to North Seattle University but need to find the media room in the education building.

Ask student - Do you know where it is.  Nope.

Ask another and another. No No No.  Give up.  Go to library. The person at the desk says go down back up over and behind there.  Do so.  Find the building. But where's the room.  Student with earphones packs up computer, iphone, coffer, binder and escorts me to the room.  What a sweetheart.

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Yes, we will always remember

It is freezing out here.  The candles keep getting blown out by the frigid wind.  We are huddled in puffy coats and blankets.  Standing on the street corner where Kris's memorial lies.  Feet away from where he was struck down in the middle of the street.

The family is accompanied by friends.  A man who has Kris' heart.  A cop and a lawyer.

Kris was killed when he was 20.  Ten years ago.  When my girls were 11, 10 and 7.  They are his age now.

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