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Time Machine: did my college frosh prediction come true

Saturday morning.  Am going through and dumping old files.  The box catches my eye:  "Business Junk - Old School Records."  All neatly organized.  Typical.

Find a two page writing sample entitled:  "Where will I be in ten years. Karen Kathryn Koehler.  English 181  Milbauer, May 9, 1979."

This would have been typed on an IBM Selectric.  The three pages of  onion skin paper are a bit wrinkled.

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The biggest mistake trial lawyers make

Tom Chambers has summoned me.  I walk down the hall past Sheila - Tom’s right hand office manager whom we have nicknamed Sheera Princess of Power.  Enter his fake office.  The one where he meets with clients or other lawyers and important people.   It is as big as a large living room.   Sitting proudly next to the marble fireplace is an imposing desk.  There is one small pile of papers neatly stacked on it just so.  As if ready for a magazine photo shoot.

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