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AAJ San Francisco - mashup days 1 and 2

Wake up from semi-conscious state just in time to glimpse the wreckage of the Korean jetliner still at the airport.  Shuffle off the plane.  It is 9:30 a.m.

Find limo driver.  Follow him to car.  He wants to talk.  I want to zone out.  Good manners kick in.  We talk the whole way.  He is quite delightful.  If we had more time, I could probably recite his family tree for you.

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Convention day 2: Party like a rock star

Give the speech.  Go for a run.  Have the spinal cord litigation group meeting.  Smile at the Phoenix Suns wheelchair basketball crew demo.  Go on our field trip.  Gawk at the brand spanking new disability center.  Apparently flirt (according to Cristina) with the very handsome fitness coordinator.  Barrio Queen for dinner with a lively group of 12.  Arrive back at the hotel at 9:30.

But wait.

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Running Atlanta

Finish speech.  Time to see the city that I've only seen through my hotel room.

Black knee length tights, racerback shirt, long-sleeve shirt, sunglasses, cap.  Ipod.  Grab a running map from the front desk.  Turn left out the door.  Blue skies.  Probably around 70 degrees.  A bit windy.  Down two blocks on W Peachtree to 10th.  Take a right and head for The Park.  Pass cute little eateries with outdoor seats filled with those having a late lunch or afternoon snack.  Too hot.  Wiggle out of long sleeve while running (nice spectacle) and tie it around waist.  Can’t help but smile.  Left snow in Seattle.

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AAJ Brain Injury Seminar - The seminar

Last time I look at the clock before sleeping, it’s 3:30 am.  That’s actually midnight-ish Seattle time and makes sense.  Best way to avoid jet lag is simply to ignore the clock as much as possible until get home.  Second best way is to mentally minus 3 hours for the next 2 days.  Except for getting up.  Have to get up in time to give speech.  Set wake up for 8:00 am which is 5:00 but who’s keeping track.

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AAJ Brain Injury Seminar - The Taxi Driver

Get off the plane in Atlanta at 9:00 pm.  We are at gate E1.  Follow the sign that says Ground Transportation.  And follow it and follow it. E1 is the far end of E.   Down the hall Up the escalator.  Down the hall. Finally get to D.   Down the escalator.   Down the hall.  Up the escalator.  Hey wait a minute.  Realize should have gotten on the train.  E is at one end - ground transportation at the total opposite.  Get on crammed train.  C, B, A, T then destination.  Good thing got on the train.  Get off train.  Walk outside to the taxi stand.

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Aqua blue

Right through the side door, left at the street and another quick left on the outside of the hotel property line.  That way I don't have to run through the pool sunbathers.  Turn right and run along the boardwalk hugging the side that is sometimes covered in shade.  There's not much of a wind and it is mid afternoon.

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The beach

I have an hour between meetings.  Rush up to 11th floor.  Toss on red bikini and gold flip flops (hey it’s Miami).  Throw on shorts and black flowy t-shirt thing.  Ipod.  Kindle.  AAJ logo beach bag with computer.  Hat.  Sunglasses.  Rush back down.  Walk under gorgeous canopy of palm trees leading to the pool.  Grab towel.  Traverse crowd on loungers surrounding pool.  Keep walking out through little gate.  Skim across promenade.  Ahhh.  Toes hit fine white warm sand.

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Time to play hooky with Edouard Duval-Carrie

We really should be going to a political luncheon.  One of the high points of AAJ conventions are the big wigs who come to speak.  Sometimes they are phenomenal.  A couple years ago we had  Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, Joe Biden and Bill Richardson one after the other.   But today, we walk out into the sunshine, grab a cab and head towards the Haiti district.  It is a bit out of the way and our cabbie offers to come back to get us.

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Convention day 2 - the seminar

Start off with a seminar.  I want to be inspired, energized, taught something.  The speaker is an excellent speaker.  But his presentation is too basic.  It is also too rigorously detail oriented in a way that would never work for me.  Fortunately I have my laptop.

The great thing about having a laptop in a seminar is it doesn’t look disrespectful to the speaker.  They only see the back of a computer.  And can assume that we are listening intently and taking notes.

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AAJ Midwinter convention day 1

I’m sitting on the 3rd floor balcony of Loews Hotel on South Beach.  Aviator sunglasses, white rolled up jeans, black flat gladiator sandals, a black tied around the neck blousy shirt with little rosettes.    My hair which can behave so badly in Seattle, is soft and poofy and blowing in the strong warm breeze.  You’d probably think I was on vacation except I have a computer on my lap.

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New York day 1 - AAJ

I’ve agreed to speak for AAJ in New York.  But it is our firm party the night before.

Both our Hoquiam and Seattle offices are together.  We are on the Top of the WAC.  P.A.R.T.Y!    The Pauls are in their Santa Hats.  Everyone is dressed beautifully with sparkles galore.  We finish dinner and are about to begin the gift exchange.  I lean over to Ed and ask him what time it is.  7:40.  Great.  I have twenty minutes before I need to leave.  The volume is growing.  Numbers are called, people get their gifts but can’t unwrap them.  Then they steal other people’s gifts.  But only two steals for any one gift.  These are Hoquiam’s rules. 

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AAJ Convention Morning 5 Neck and neck

The convention comes to a climax this morning. It is election time. Contested election time. You can feel the sense of expectation. There is a bit of pomp and circumstance. As casual as I can be, I also like to go through rituals. They remind you that there have been those before and there will be those after. The ballots are cast and counted. And for the first time in the history of the organization, a woman has won a contested election. The underhorse has pulled an upset.

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AAJ Convention Night 4 Up the Down Elevator

I'm late. I toss on some white jeans, go down the elevator and run across the street to the other hotel. The first reception is for Mary Alice's campaign. It looks like a party planner did it. There are big vases filled with blue, white and green M&Ms in honor of her official colors. You'll be proud to know that I resist the urge to grab a handful. Ah, the temptations. It is bright, airy, filled with food and laughing people. A friend and I decide to go check out the competition's campaign party. It is across the street.

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AAJ Convention Day 4 The non-group and my bad temper

A couple days ago if you asked me how I felt about AAJ, it wouldn't have been pretty. I was boiling hot angry ticked off mad. Nothing that a two hour run (have you ever noticed that being upset makes for good exercise) wouldn't cure though. The SLGCC (don't ask me what it stands for) is a group that you need to pass by in order to start a litigation group. I felt there should be a spinal cord injury litigation group. They weren't so sure. In fact they were pretty sure not. They tabled the application. I am a poor loser (another personality flaw I do admit). Hence my fury.

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