AAJ Brain Injury Seminar - The seminar

Last time I look at the clock before sleeping, it’s 3:30 am.  That’s actually midnight-ish Seattle time and makes sense.  Best way to avoid jet lag is simply to ignore the clock as much as possible until get home.  Second best way is to mentally minus 3 hours for the next 2 days.  Except for getting up.  Have to get up in time to give speech.  Set wake up for 8:00 am which is 5:00 but who’s keeping track.

Phone rings at 8.  Pick it up and stay in bed til 9 which is 6.

Thrown on black jacket, shirt and knit skirt with a peplum.  Shoes with little flowers. It’s winter but we’re in Atlanta so no stockings hurray.  Hustle down to seminar by 9:30 which is 6:30.  Open door.  Michael Freeman, epidemiologist is in the middle of explaining causation analysis.  Hi Karen he says.  Hi Michael.  Nice to be called out for being late by the professor.

Put stuff down.  Go next door to exhibitor room for breakfast buffet.  Fill bowl with berries – oh so healthy and yummy.  Add muffin for counterbalance.  Come back with food, chew and listen.  Have heard Michael talk about this subject several times.  This proves to be a charm because he makes sense to me today.  I get it!  Well kinda. Enough to know how smart he is.   Fortunately, will be at a seminar he’s doing again in May.  Repetition appears to hold the key.

Do my thing. The audience is in a competition.  We are talking about non-perfect clients and polarizing the case.  Trying to find out who has presented the most difficult plaintiff ever.  There is a clear winner.  A case from the 90s.  Drugs, suicide attempts, convictions, jail…The story is so remarkable you’ll just have to get it from the seminar tape.

Then it’s lunchtime!  Which means am having second breakfast because it is 12 minus 3 which is 9.  Walk with Stewart Casper, Adam Malone down the street to a sports bar.  Black bean veggie burger delicious.  Meeting people and getting to know them over a meal is the best thing about going to seminars.