AAJ convention day 1 - arrival, the Bohms, Whitney and Talking Tom

Suitcase is packed.  We are out the door on the way to the airport. Cristina says - did you see the weather report.  Um, no Robert said it was in the mid 70s.  Seems a cool front is blowing in so minus that by at least 10.  I've packed shorts sandles, and a short skirt to give my talk in.   Oh great.

We land, get the rental car.  And drive in our red Chevy Aveo thru the Marie Antoinette style mansions lining the road to the historied Biltmore where the convention is.  Get lost but finally find registration.  They don't have me down.  Which is fine because my law partner has become ill.  So I check in as Paul and Cristina takes over Mary Elizabeth's spot.  Back to our car we go to the Bohm's house.

Robert, Georgia and their doggies welcome us to their charming villa.  We talk.  We eat.

In the middle of it all, Cristina says Whitney Houston just died.  I think she's joking but not quite.  She isn't.  We look at FB and Twitter for more details.  Am on verge of tears.

Sarah the new associate joins us.  More talking.  More eating.  Finally cannot stall any longer.  It is 10:00 which means it is 11:00.  Which means haven't figured out a speech for tomorrow or done a powerpoint.

Which means, must play with ipad.  Haven't done much with it yet.  Just got it.  Noelle started loading it with apps last week when I saw her.  Now it is Cristina's turn.

Have you heard of Talking Tom.

Why no, daughter I haven't.

You haven't. Really


So up Talking Tom comes.  And we start talking to him.  And then we have him become us.  And well, there must be trial uses for such an app.  We investigate for 15 minutes. Please see the fruit of our efforts below.

Yes ladies and gentleman, this ipad app has enormous trial potential.

But for now, it's time to get down to business.  Must figure out PPT for speech.  So can focus all attention on Robert's chocolate chip pancakes in the morning.