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And they didn't tip over

It is a beautiful Sunday morning.  We enter the freezing West Seattle High School gym.  Am wearing poofy big jacket so no problem.  Cristina is looking stylish in a vest and begins to turn blue.

Have volunteered to handle the scoreboard and clock.  Am going to make Cristina do the hard part.  The coordinator gives us directions.  The teams are warming up.  We are watching them.  Not paying attention to the guy.  I tell Cristina to listen to what he's saying.  We end up splitting the duties in half.  I do the score and fouls.  She does the clock.

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AAJ Convention Day 4 The non-group and my bad temper

A couple days ago if you asked me how I felt about AAJ, it wouldn't have been pretty. I was boiling hot angry ticked off mad. Nothing that a two hour run (have you ever noticed that being upset makes for good exercise) wouldn't cure though. The SLGCC (don't ask me what it stands for) is a group that you need to pass by in order to start a litigation group. I felt there should be a spinal cord injury litigation group. They weren't so sure. In fact they were pretty sure not. They tabled the application. I am a poor loser (another personality flaw I do admit). Hence my fury.

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