Getting past the SLGCC so we can have an AAJ SCILG

I leave the balcony and sit in the hall outside of the Periwinkle room.  My mission – convince AAJ SLGCC (don’t ask me what it stands for) to approve a spinal cord injury litigation group.  They are late to call me.  I’ve been waiting about 25 minutes.  I get 5 minutes to talk.  And I’m splitting it with my friend Warren Collins.

2011.02.05 (2).jpg

When we were in Vancouver this past July, I was sitting in another hallway waiting to hear what SLGCC had to say about my presentation.  Confident because what better cause could there be than helping attorneys who help some of the most severely injured people in the world.  I wrote a beautiful presentation with MSFT publisher complete with visuals.  Printed meeting notices.  Drafted all the documents.  Prepared to the max.  Lauren of AAJ comes out and says the group does not gain approval.  I am mute.  It doesn’t register.   I’m ushered back into the room and SLGCC tells me we are being tabled until I can …well, basically do a better job of convincing them.

The child in me throws a super duper tantrum.  Have I ever told you how much I hate to lose – at anything.   But thanks to many years of practice, serene calm yoga-like façade kicks in.  And (after a bit of thrashing around) I decide not to give up.

Fast forward to today.  I walk into the meeting.  Get up and give a one minute presentation.  Let Warren tell his story of starting an SCI section in London (which also was initially denied 10 years ago).  They usher us out the door.  We wait one minute.  We’re ushered back in.  And it is official.  There is now an AAJ SCI litigation group.  Warren and I will co-chair it.  It will be absolutely fabulous.  And the first meeting will be Tuesday from 1 to 2.

Now, I’m going to go for a run in the beautiful south beach breeze.