Convention day 2: Party like a rock star


Give the speech.  Go for a run.  Have the spinal cord litigation group meeting.  Smile at the Phoenix Suns wheelchair basketball crew demo.  Go on our field trip.  Gawk at the brand spanking new disability center.  Apparently flirt (according to Cristina) with the very handsome fitness coordinator.  Barrio Queen for dinner with a lively group of 12.  Arrive back at the hotel at 9:30.

But wait.

It is New Lawyers Party night.  In case you're wondering.  This doesn't mean you have to be  a new lawyer to party.

Am still wearing purplish skirt and lacy top from this morning.  Cristina is in black jeans.  We must change.  It is club night.  So Cristina puts on boots, shorts and a lace top. (Oh to be 22).  I toss on smaller black skirt and sparklish top.  Grab disco bag and off we go.

Arrive with only one wrong turn 15 minutes later to bumping club Axis.  Cristina starts laughing and says - it is a club.  Well, of course child.  Plaintiff laywers know how to throw a party.

Enter loud techno, packed joint.  She wants to scan the crowd first.  No way.  Drag her onto the floor and off we go.  The music is so loud we cannot hear each other talk.  We are laughing and dancing like we usually do when we go out to clubs together which is pretty much never.  Unless we are on cruise ships or at lawyer parties.

The women behind me are wild and crash into me a couple times.  Cristina is texting and dancing and taking very bad pictures of me.  A nice looking man glides up to us and offers to take our picture.  Oh this place is very fun.  He stays chatting with us.  His father is a lawyer who practices in Guam.   He on the otherhand practices in New York.  Not sure how we hear that actually.  Because club is thumping.  Eventually I say - this is my daughter.  And you can see him about fall out.  Cristina is laughing.  He says goodbye.  What did I say, I wonder...

We dance and dance. Oblivious until Darin joins us.  We met him on the plane ride over.  He does something involving class actions.  Cristina shows him a picture of her uncle Carl.  Because he looks like uncle Carl.   He probably can't hear what she's saying.  I don't know why we are trying to talk at all in there.  In fact, I pretty much rupture Cristina's ear drum trying to holler something to her. See movie clip below.

I could stay til the very end.  But the daughter is tuckered out.  So we leave, make it back without a wrong turn.  And realize as we open the door to our hotel room.  That our ears are still ringing.