A random act of kindness by Romero Pearson

Am on an errand.  Cristina calls.  She is answering phones at the front desk.

Yes dear.

You have a bouquet.

Really?  (voice lilts upwards).


From who?

Do you want me to read the card.  (Doesn't wait for an answer).  It says:

Winners never quit.  And quitters never win.  Keep the faith.  Thank you for answering the call to service.  From Romero Pearson, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Wow mom.  Who is he.

I'm smiling.  He must be an attorney from AAJ who has been following the trial diary.  (The diary spanned the entire month of October. I don't publicly post blogs of trials as they occur for the safety of my client's case.  But I do diary them to closed listserves, friends and family. You can read my older trial diaries at my personal website, which I'll update eventually).

Return to the office.  The bouquet welcomes me back.  Give Cristina a hug and take them upstairs.  Think how absolutely lovely Romero Pearson must be.

It is hard to lose a case. Harder for a client - no comparison intended.  But also hard on the lawyer.  On Sunday I spent over three hours writing notes to the many lawyers and friends who had sent sweet and encouraging emails.  My kids of course rallied around to help me feel better.  But still, there is great sadness when a client is denied what we fought so hard for.

Anyway, go about business until there's a break in the action.  Pick up the phone and call.

Romero Pearson he says.

Karen Koehler I say.  He's trying to figure out who I am.  I say - thank you so much for the flowers.

Ah.  I knew the name rang a bell he says.  I just didn't think you'd call.   I was in court when you were last month.  My staff and I followed your diaries.  We felt we were with you the whole time.  We couldn't wait for the next entry.  And when at the end of the case the jury found against you and your client, I thought.  I know she must be feeling down.  I'll send her some flowers so she knows that we are in this together.  I want to make her feel better.  To help her get ready for the next fight.

Romero reminded me how simple it is for us to reach out.  To make even a stranger feel special.  Appreciated.  Worthy.

Simple but rare.

I hope one day to meet him