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Diary of a mediation in Spokane

The alarm is ringing.  Try to ignore it, but know cannot.  Look at the phone/clock and it is 4:30.  As in a.m.  Put on ugly red glasses.  Only wear them when no one can see me.  Like now.  Lie there til 4:45.  Finally jump up because  have to make a plane.  Open the drapes.  There is a gigantic full moon that seems to be shining a path across puget sound right into my bedroom.

Rush around. Put on black clothing.  Tell Nala to get up.  Out the door.  Drop her at doggie daycare.  Make it to the airport by 6.  Stand in sluggish security line.  Even the special Spokane shuttle line is clogged.  No worries.  Have time to get a scone and bottle of water from D'Lish.

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Mediation Meanderings

I don’t like mediations.   Mediators ask me to take back this sentiment.  But I’m not repentant.  It’s not that I don’t like the mediators.  Some of them I absolutely adore.  But I dislike the process.  In an ideal world I would say – hey we will accept X amount.  The insurance company would say – naw, we won’t pay that but we will pay Y amount.  And then we would give a thumbs up or down without further dickering.  But that is not how it works.  It’s all about the dickering.

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