Getting un-mad

K3 v RBG.jpg

One month after trial has ended - am still keyed up. Aggressive. Hostile. If you look at me the wrong way will absolutely light into you.

During our monthly firm meeting confess how mad I am still at the defense lawyers being mean to our plaintiffs. Can hardly stand to see their names even in emails.

Paul says: you got to let it go. If you don’t, you won’t be able to do your job.

He’s right.

Do not want to become bitter or negative. Do not want to go over… to the dark side.

So cast off the spell. Dance to some 1980s tunes under the disco light in my bathroom. Play with RBG and the bobblehead that Michael had made for me. But your Honor - says me the bobble head. Overruled! says RBG.

And just like that - because it needs to happen.

The anger is gone.

I hope.

Photo: K3 and RBG playing in the office.