Your Honor: We object to ...the lego wall

The lego wall

Delegate the job of arguing legal motions and jury instructions to Andrew. He has this chore most days after trial and several full working days. At first sit at counsel’s table and watch him. But as the trial progresses, as soon as the trial day ends - bolt out of the door. Do not have the bandwith to listen to the tortuous exercise of compiling jury instructions nor the constant barrage of motions. Andrew is excellent. By dividing up these responsibilities can give full attention to preparing for the next trial day.

We are so busy the last week of trial before closing that we don’t have a chance to talk much about what has happened in these oral argument court sessions. Right before closing Andrew says: the government brought a motion to prevent you from using the lego wall during closing. This is so silly, start to laugh. What do they think am going to do with the lego wall.

They have hated the lego wall from day 1. Probably because they can’t figure it out. Honestly, we just wanted to physically separate ourselves from the sea of defense lawyers. To keep them from encroaching onto our small section of table. Several days into trial, the bailiff suggests that we take it down as the jurors have been speculating about the wall - especially after we add another layer and some people. Andrew thinks we should take it down to appease the court. My answer: no. We are all in - on the lego wall.

Four months later the lego wall is still intact. Every once in a while get a measuring stick and push it back over towards the city’s side. Was not planning to use it during closing. But hearing that the defendants actually tried to block me from using it - well of course - use it. Rip it apart and drive the duck replica over it. Pow. Bam.

If you think this is made up see for yourself


A week after the verdict am chatting with Andrew. He mentions Mike King - preservation of error counsel for Ride the Ducks International - moved to require me to speak from behind the podium. Turn to look at him:

K3: Is that a joke.

AA: Nope. He argued that you should be required to stand behind the podium.

K3: Unbelievable.

Photo: Andrew and the lego wall - donated by my nephews Ben and EJ. Built by Melanie.