The Knitter

Thelma (our receptionist) gives me a manilla envelope.  She says - after much sleuthing I figured this out.  I don't understand.  My name is not on the envelope.   Black marker simply says "Jo-Hanna Read."


Jo-Hanna is the only person I've ever known whose name is Jo-Hanna.  I'm careful to spell it correctly because it is a very special name.  Jo-Hanna is a dear friend of mine.  A trial lawyer who champions the rights of those who are abused - usually sexually.

I open the envelope.  Inside are two brightly covered mittens without fingers.  My favorite type of hand warmer in the whole wide world.  I smile in delight.   Not only are they beautiful - but in my mind I can see Jo-Hanna knitting them as she is listening to a speech or waiting for her turn in court.  Thank you Jo-Hanna.