Ed and the Art of Friendship


Ed and I started dating in Philadelphia at an AAJ convention. After a lifetime of living in Texas he moved to Seattle a year into the relationship in 2009, ten years ago this month. He office shared with my law firm and started wearing more jeans and less cashmere suiting. We broke up shy of three years later. And stayed friends.

Not the kind who run into each other every few years and say an awkward hi. Ed made the move with us when the law firm relocated down the street. Two weeks ago when Michael and I went to Vegas for his AAOS convention, Ed stayed at my house to care for Nala.

Ed has taught me a lot about art over the years. He has a vast technical knowledge and a fine eye. After this last trial, my kids instructed me to take a week off and go somewhere alone to unwind. Paris. New York. Miami. They even looked up airbnbs for me. Anne blocked off a week on my calendar. I hemmed and hawed. Was talking myself out of it. Then Ed told me his best friend Rudy (they met in lawschool)- a major art collector in Austin, said if I wanted to choose a few pieces he might part with them.

That did it. Set off with Ed to visit Rudy and Joyce in their cool as heck absolutely art filled compound in the hills next to downtown. The last time I’d been there was 11 years ago. For two days we looked at art in the studio located on the other side of the pool. Rudy had stories for each piece. He’d be flipping through them. I’d say: oh I like that. He’d say: that one’s staying.

He and Joyce made us dinner the first evening - squash soup with rice and Caribbean veggie hash. Their son Andrew who is getting his MBA from UT came out of his cave to join us. Ed’s cousin Laura (a district judge) came over with Eric her husband. We listened to Howard Hewitt, salsa, and jazz and had a grand time.

The next day, we started looking at art then Michael (a professor and artist) - dropped in to say hi to Rudy and Ed. That evening we went out to Juliet’s an Italian restaurant and this time were joined by Rudy’s younger brother Ricki also a lawyer, and their best friend Bill’s (who passed away 5 years ago) daughter Alison and her husband.

It was a magical impromptu weekend with combinations of people organically coming together. Oh and yes. Rudy parted with some of his art which I will treasure forever just like my friendship with Ed.

Photo: In the loft of the studio looking down - Rudy on the left Ed on the right