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Phuong Dinh The Brave to give commencement address

Two extra years were needed for Phuong to graduate from North Seattle College after she was almost killed in the Ride the Ducks crash on the Aurora Bridge on September 24, 2015. She missed one whole year due to being at Harborview and the Kiero Rehabilitation Home. When she was able to enter school her injuries required her to take reduced loads. Including fitting in a total hip replacement surgery during winter break 2017. Phuong was the lead plaintiff in the Ride the Ducks trial that occurred from October 1 2018 through February 7, 2019.

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The non-visitor: a story about never saying you're sorry.

Walk up to door one.  Open and walk through.  Door two.  Push button.  It clicks.  Enter.  Write name and time on log at front desk.  Write name on tag and stick on shirt.  Cindy arrives and says hello.  Follow her down the linoleum covered hall.  Past the man in a wheelchair.  An open door reveals a woman in bed watching tv.  A hunched over man looks at me from another open door.   His leg is bandaged.   Walk towards the eating area where several others are congregated.  Mostly in wheelchairs.  Chatting.  Average age probably middle 70s.  Or older.

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Love the Owens

Tired of fake reality tv.

Try the true life story of the survival and recovery of the Owen family.  Brought to you by - the Owen Family.

According to the news:  On December 21st around 1:20 p.m. The Owen family was traveling on Highway 2 near Stevens Pass when a tree fell onto their suburban and claimed the lives of 58-year-old Tim Owen and 56-year-old Cheryl Reed. Also in the vehicle were the couple's son, Jeremy, daughters Jessie and Jamie, and son-in-law Steven Mayer. Jeremy was released from the hospital but the other three are still being treated for serious injuries.

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Yes, we will always remember

It is freezing out here.  The candles keep getting blown out by the frigid wind.  We are huddled in puffy coats and blankets.  Standing on the street corner where Kris's memorial lies.  Feet away from where he was struck down in the middle of the street.

The family is accompanied by friends.  A man who has Kris' heart.  A cop and a lawyer.

Kris was killed when he was 20.  Ten years ago.  When my girls were 11, 10 and 7.  They are his age now.

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Conducting an initial client intake

Here are some thoughts on the first client interview in a personal injury case.  This approach applies to PI attorneys who do not have "mill" type practices.

  • The interview is a two way street
  • Consider having a staff member attend to get a second "read" on the situation
  • Go to the client if they can’t go to you
  • Be aware of all the details of what you are seeing, hearing, feeling
  • Ask yourself if you “like” the plaintiff then write down your very first impression even if it is not favorable
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