And they didn't tip over


It is a beautiful Sunday morning.  We enter the freezing West Seattle High School gym.  Am wearing poofy big jacket so no problem.  Cristina is looking stylish in a vest and begins to turn blue.

Have volunteered to handle the scoreboard and clock.  Am going to make Cristina do the hard part.  The coordinator gives us directions.  The teams are warming up.  We are watching them.  Not paying attention to the guy.  I tell Cristina to listen to what he's saying.  We end up splitting the duties in half.  I do the score and fouls.  She does the clock.

The ref comes over.  Cristina thinks he's adorable.  Like Kevin Costner's older, chubbier, not quite as attractive brother.  He is adorable.  He tells us to get ready for fun.  Set the clock at 20:00.  And go!

We are at a wheelchair basketball tournament put on by Seattle Adaptive Sports and the Parks Department.  Teams have come from all over the place.  Our two teams are from Tacoma and British Columbia.

We are enthralled.  I regularly delay pushing buttons but Cristina prompts me.  Am distracted by all the action.  The athletes are phenomenal.  There is a young boy on the Canadian team who looks a decade younger than anyone else but is their star.  Young men and women go after the ball - crash, bang, stopping on a dime.  Whipping up and down the court.  I especially like how they twirl.  There are no ball hogs - everyone works together as a team.  The baskets are set at regulation height.  There is a three second clock for the key.  A ten second clock to get the ball over the half court.

We are hooting and hollering.  Pushing our buttons.  I don't flub at all.  On the other hand, Cristina forgets the clock for half a minute.  You should hear everyone including Kevin Costner's brother screaming "clock -  clock - time!!!!"  Hahaha.  What fun.