Paris day 3 - le supper et la chanteuse

We meet at a bistro type of restaurant.  Our group fills the entire place.  Tres impressive.  Suddenly, we hear the sound of - could it be - an alto saxophone.  Mai oui!  There is a bright red headed very slim French woman dressed in a black dress and bomber jacket who has come to entertain us.  She waltzes around our tables (I'm not sure how since the sax is as big as she is and there's little navigable room but she is a determined femme).  Voila - she is done.  We clap.

We start talking again, but on comes some music and she now begins to sing a rousing French song.  We are in the mood and clap and smile.  She tells us we must sing with her.  A song in French that some of us have never heard before.  We are game!  We are trial lawyers!!  There is a lot of humming going on.  Wait - she is next to Kevin - she is shoving the microphone in his face.  He must sing along (what a good sport).  She is done.  The waiter comes to take our order.  Ooh lal a! The music comes on again - she is singing and (she likes our table) grabs Jack  to come and dance with her (this is what he gets for making eye contact).  She is quite the theatrical one and sweeps him around the space between the tables.   Jack is flushed but makes it back.  The dinner has arrived!  We begin to talk but wait!  She is tapping her glass and asking us to be quiet so she can tell the history of the next song in French of course.  By now, our table is looking at each other with "that look" .  You know - the one that says - um, is this for real.  And she breaks out into another song.  She is a siren, a theatrical spectacle, a show woman, oui oui oui.

It is almost 11:00.  We've been here almost three hours now.  A few of us are yawning.  But not our delightful entertainer.  The karaoke machine (she would probably slit my throat if she heard me call it that) is still going and she tells us yet more of her life history followed by a song.

I gotta hand it to her.  The woman has stamina!  Zoot alors!