How to prepare for trial and have a dinner party with Bryce, Dana & Jean

Today is our last day to file motions.  For the third time since the trial has been continued twice.  Motion after motion, instructions, declarations, orders, notes.  We have been working like crazy to get them all done.  Garth and I have been doing all the briefing.  Anne and Jody are scrambling to format and get everything filed.

Our goal is to finish by noon.  My plan is to go for a lunch run.  We finish shortly before one.  So a late lunch run.

It is a spectacular blue sky sunny day.  Nala is happy to leave the office and we set off down to Myrtle Edwards park, run along the waterfront, along the train tracks, over the bridge to doggie daycare where she gets dropped off.  She is too likely to be naughty during the party.  Run back to the office.  Work a bit more.

At 4:45, tell John am heading out.

Bryce, Jean and Dana are coming over for a little dinner party.  To discuss whether we should have a 35 year joint high school reunion with Shoreline and Shorewood.  Have known Jean and Dana since Kindergarten.  Bryce we met later.  But still, that is a heck of a long time.  The four of us have planned all or almost all of our reunions (Shorecrest '78) over the years.

There's no time to think about anything other than execution.

Drive to Macrina.  Get desert and a kalamata olive tapenade.  Drive home.  Put desserts on cake stand and cover with dome.   Make up a little platter with the tapenade, pita chips and snap peas.   It is 5:15.  They will be here at 6:30.

The windows facing the deck are dirty on the outside.  Wipe them down.  Do a pretty good job but a little streaky.  Water deck plants, they look thirsty.  Put two more chairs outside.  Put two little tables outside.  Pause to admire beautiful Seattle. It is 5:35.

Call Orrapin Thai restaurant.  Order take out.  Yes, this is how I cook on a Monday.  It will be ready in 25 minutes.

Put tablecloth on dining room table and set it.  It looks rustic because nothing is ironed.   Put candles in votives and light them.  Run upstairs and downstairs for various things and actually break a slight sweat.  It is 6:05.  How did that happen

Have no make up on.  Hair is wispy (aka frizzed) from run.  And am wearing bad outfit.  Do not have time to primp.  Put on something clean, slick hair back and slash on a little black eyeliner .  Oh well.  They've known me forever.  I never wore any makeup until I was a senior in high school.  And even then, you couldn't see it.  Which still pretty much holds true.

It is 6:15.  Crud.

Run downstairs.  Get in car.  Drive up to restaurant.  Have to park three blocks away.  Run to restaurant in flip flops.  Am actually pretty impressed how well I can do this.  Thought they would flap more.  Pick up order.  Run back to car.  Pull into driweway.  6:29.  No lie.

Run in house.   Knock knock.  Right on time.  Bryce.  Followed by Jean and Dana.

Postscript.  We have a lovely evening.  Very fun.  They leave a little over three hours later.  Should I get Nala now, or clean up and then go get her.  Decide to clean up.  She won't mind an extra half an hour.

Tidy up.  Get in the car.  Drive to doggie daycare.  Nala hops into her crate.  Usually I take her leash off.  But Cristina told me over the weekend that she never does. So I decide to leave the leash on.  It is only a three minute drive home.  Park.  Am ready to let her out of the car.  And just before she gets out, I see the two inch frayed stump of the leash sticking up on the top of her collar.  Completely separated from the rest that lays in a puddle.

I don't even scold her.  It's my fault.  I should have known she'd be mad at me.