The honor of introducing Rick Friedman as WSAJ's trial lawyer of the year

Photo:  From the PPT.

Photo:  From the PPT.

The most coveted award of our trial lawyers association is the Trial Lawyer of the Year Award.

This year it is extra special.  We are at Couer d'Alene at our annual convention.  The Brandeis bust we usually use, is to be forever replaced.  With the Tom Chambers bust.  Tom is in the audience.

Am given eight minutes to make the presentation.  Have gotten background information from Rick's brother Ken.  As well as photos from Janet of his office.

Here is the PPT:  RickFriedmanTLY2013.pdf.

WSAJ will be providing the video and will upload that later.

What is interesting about the PPT is how many slides there are.  However, don't feel rushed or that there are too many during the speech.  Several of them are montages, quickly flashed to show the breadth of his verdicts and book writing.

Congratulations Rick.  And thank you Tom!