Escape of the Goblin


Am being good patient non-wiggling member of audience at the convention.  For several hours.  It is the Luvera Seminar without Luvera (dear Paul please get well).  Another Paul (Stritmatter) my partner, is playing the role of host to a rapid fire panel of speakers.

Paul tells a story to illustrate the point that jurors always like him the best of anyone in the courtroom.  He says he works hard to be professional and nice and liked the best.  And over time whether inside or outside of the courtroom, it is a habit that has stuck.  He is a very pleasant and likeable fellow.

A real paragon.

Which means of course there needs to be a counterpoint.

As the hours tick by, am starting to feel a bit wiggly.  The seventh speaker's subject is Young pups in the world of old dogs:  what it's like to work with bullying opposing counsel.

He talks of being pummeled by the mean defense lawyer.  Over and over again.  In discovery.  In motions.  At trial.  And ultimately losing.  And what that's like, and what that means for him.  And as he's thinking aloud on this very personal subject and being quite vulnerable... well...the Goblin awakens.

Oh No.  Feels almost like indigestion.  Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble.   As the speaker continues to speak of patience and persistence, The Goblin has a mind of its own and springs forth right out of my mouth and says something along the lines of: what's wrong with fighting back.  And as the speaker begins to respond, the Goblin makes a pithy comment about world peace, love and happiness and spouts off other challenging, nonpolite, bad Goblin words.

Paul (Mr. Iconic Good Man)  is up there looking at me or rather at the Goblin with wide eyes but he knows there's no stopping it.    Others in the audience gallantly charge in to rescue the speaker who is warding off the Goblin fairly adeptly anyway.

And then ding, time is up.  Goblin goes back to sleep.  And it is the eighth speaker's turn.

The next day am moderating for Rick Friedman whose subject is: How to be a Good Trial Lawyer.  Rick is as equally perfect as Paul.  A very good person.  Kind.  Gentle.  Caring.  Compassionate.  Soft Spoken. Humble.  Looking for the shared Moral Core.   And what does he want to start off with.  Why about speaker number seven's topic from the day before.

Am sitting there on the stage off to the side of Rick facing the audience.  Ouch.  Oh that bad Goblin has really just done it.  There's no escape.

At break, go and talk to number seven and apologize.  He graciously says his speech actually needed "it" (Goblin's bad behavior). It illustrated his point.  Am properly put in role of Old Dog.    Accept that.

We finish an entire day of seminars and luncheon and more speeches.  Have been pretty much punished fully for not keeping mouth shut and letting Goblin out the day before.  Go for long run.  Clean up and arrive at Araxi restaurant for dinner with large group in the wine room.  Ready to relax and have fun.  Sit down.  The last three empty seats are across from me.  Who comes in to fill them - why speaker number seven, his wife and son.


But Goblin is no longer present.  And speaker number seven has already bestowed forgiveness.

So dinner ends up being quite lovely indeed.

Photo:  Taken by repentant me during Rick's presentation.