Where's my biscotti


Eagerly open the door to the hotel and rush over to the little table in my room.  There's the candle and right next to it should be the chocolate covered biscotti.  Last night found it in the little goodie bag left by one of the convention sponsors.  Didn't eat it then, but was saving it for a moment just like right now.  Except there is no biscotti.

Where could it be.  Did I already eat it.  No.  Pretty sure did not.   Look all over room and suspicion grows.  Have adjoining room with Cristina and her friend Michele.  Would she - no she would never.  Open connecting door - they are out on the town.  Look inside room.  What a mess. Consider taking a picture of it, but decide to preserve world peace and don't.   Find various wrappers around the place but can see no evidence of missing biscotti.

Had been out with dear friends at a restaurant and did not order dessert because of the biscotti which isn't here.  Find a pack of gum and begin to chew.

A little while later I hear her calling me.  They are back.  Being cute and delightful.  I say - did you eat my biscotti. Cristina says - what biscotti.   Michele says - yes she did.  At the same time.

After spending four hours in CLE followed by three hours of receptions and a meal, I want one little piece of sugar and it has been consumed by my daughter.

This is how the second day of the WSAJ convention ends.