Board retreating

Today am on my way to a WSAJ board retreat.  In beautiful Suncadia - a relatively new resort that has somehow managed to weather the great recession.  It is located on the other side of Snoqualmie pass.  A two hour drive.  Even with all the trucks and roadwork.

Am late.  Open the conference room doors in the middle of someone's speech.  Interrupting.  Find the one available empty seat in the cramped room.  There are too many of us in there.  It is a bit airless.  Have just spent two hours in the car.  Sit for about five minutes.  Five minutes too long.  Get up and move to the back of the room.  Ah, much better.  Am standing by a vent.  And a huge tray of cookies which am able to resist eating.

Two hours later we break for half an hour of socializing one conference door down the hall.  Socialize quickly.  Then it is dinner time in the same room.  Sit with friends.  Look around and realize, wish could sit at all the tables.  So many friends.

The dessert is already laid out in front of us.  Why do  they do that.  Don't like looking at dessert for the entire meal.   It looks like it is stagnating.  Someone gives in and takes a bite of theirs before the salads come.

Feel like a bunny as chew the salad - too heavy on the greens.  Am a vegetarian and for me to say there are too many greens, that means there are too many.  Tasteless like munching grass.  Not sure what everyone else gets, but the staff have been warned I won't eat it.  They bring me a risotto with more greens on top.  Interesting and pretty tasty.  Finish it up and that leaves the dessert.  It has been looking at me all night so have no choice but to polish it off.

This is a "working dinner."  This means a parade of people are talking on a podium through a microphone during the entire two hours we're eating.  This does not aid the digestion.  It's switch and bait.  In a beautiful location, nice meal, and instead of relax and retreating, we need to listen to... Well, it is secret and can't tell you.  But not fluff.

Can't stay sitting.  Get up and go to the back of the room.  Catch myself pacing a bit and stop.  Hand out some leaflets.   Wave at friends.  Speeches still going on.  Good stuff really, but not retreatish.

Have to leave for another commitment.  Two hour drive back.