Motor mouth


Am lost.  Have made it to North Seattle University but need to find the media room in the education building.

Ask student - Do you know where it is.  Nope.

Ask another and another. No No No.  Give up.  Go to library. The person at the desk says go down back up over and behind there.  Do so.  Find the building. But where's the room.  Student with earphones packs up computer, iphone, coffer, binder and escorts me to the room.  What a sweetheart.

Enter it ten minutes late.  Visions of angry technicians dancing in my head.  Nope.   Bill Budigan - the attorney host who has invited me - isn't even there.  He ends up being half an hour late.  This means, I talk to (different) Bill and Keith.  Or rather they talk to me about things like the Occupy movement and common law legislators (a concept I don't exactly understand).  Bill is prolific in his ability to speak without breathing.  Wow.

This is public access t.v.  Pretty cool when you think about it.  No commercials.  A forum for people to spread their message.  Up to now, I have no idea what the message is that I'm supposed to be spreading.  Have just come to talk about...whatever.

Bill shows up.  He's done this 26 times and tells me to look at the little red light that appears on different cameras.  The cameras roll.  No rehearsing, stopping, cutting, editing.  No one to power my nose.  There are crumbs and stains on the ugly blue cotton table cloth.  But who cares.  We sit there and talk about whatever we feel like for an hour.

Someone will probably watch it at 4:00 a.m.  We are not exactly prime time material.  But so what.  We got to be on t.v.