Yes, we will always remember

It is freezing out here.  The candles keep getting blown out by the frigid wind.  We are huddled in puffy coats and blankets.  Standing on the street corner where Kris's memorial lies.  Feet away from where he was struck down in the middle of the street.

The family is accompanied by friends.  A man who has Kris' heart.  A cop and a lawyer.

Kris was killed when he was 20.  Ten years ago.  When my girls were 11, 10 and 7.  They are his age now.

Bill the officer and I talk about what it took to get the plaque in the square.  We insisted that it had to be large.  The City wanted it much smaller.  Then it tried to pacify us by offering to place it inside of the police station in Pioneer Square on a wall.  A temporary station that is now moved down the block.  I can remember marching out of there in a huff.  No deal.

The City then offered to put it inside a fire station.  No way forget it we said.  They thought we were kidding when we said it was a deal breaker to settlement.  Nope.  We weren't.

Krisopher and his bronze plaque are right where they belong.  Part of the permanent physical history of Seattle.  He will never be forgotten.

King 5 news story.