Nelly v. The Velvet Hammer

3 daughters

Today am supposedly blasted by an old school rapper defendant who has been sued by two of my clients for alleged sexual assault. He doesn’t have his lawyer call me up or write a letter. Nope. He issues (drum roll) a personal attack press release. Which by the way gains very little traction surely to the dismay of his PR firm. Here’s what it says according to TMZ.

Claim 1. He has “fully cooperated on every level of the investigation to allow law enforcement to do whatever they need to get to the bottom of these accusations. Facts: The Essex police investigation began in January 2018, with a case number assigned at least by February 2018. Defendant’s lawyers were contacted on February 17, 2018 and the police told the victim (and me) they needed to get his statement. Almost one year later on January 15, 2019, Defendant and his lawyers met with police, gave a statement, and issued a media statement regarding the blessed event. [Note: the excuse of - oh it is a long plane ride does not apply here - check out his Instagram.]

Claim 2. "… this same lawyer in both cases against me, is claiming the police in two different countries 'won’t help her clients', 'are incompetent' and is consistently painting a picture that I am 'bullying the police' in two different countries to not do their job." Facts: Only the second case is pending. He settled the first case. In case 1 we said he and his attorney bullied the 21 year old college student complainant (not the police). In case 2 we told the police: “it appears you are intimidated by him and his lawyer.” [Note: I thought rappers were good with language.]

Claim 3. "Not only is this attorney continuously damaging my reputation to forge ahead with civil suits to get money, she is doing a severe disservice to women and true victims that need a safe system to report assaults against them with claims like 'police won’t help' and 'botched the case,' 'clients are being treated like suspects by the police' leaving real victims to feel like reporting would be of no help." Facts. Okay maybe this was all really written by him, because the grammar - oh dear. First - with an arsenal of 90s songs featuring titles like Pimp Juice, Tilt Ya Head Back, and Giving her the Grind, think that whole reputation thing has long since sailed. Second - have no idea what the rest of that sentence/paragraph is trying to say. [Note: when using quotes to indicate what a person has said best to use the actual quotes, not words written in a headline by a reporter, i.e. “botched the case,” and “bullying the police.”]

Claim 4. "I would also advise my own two daughters to report and fully cooperate with authorities no matter what the circumstances are and how difficult the process may become if you are truly a victim of such a heinous crime." Facts. OMG he is bringing his daughters into this. The last person to try that against me was the CEO of Ride the Ducks International (he invoked his wife and children) but that didn’t get him very far at all.

Claim 5. "Also, by running to the media for her own gain,  she is creating the misconception that true victims would be under intense scrutiny and bullied by the police  intended to help and protect true victims." Facts. The defendant and his lawyer have actually brought a motion to dismiss the Federal civil case if Jane Doe does not publicly identify herself. They know her name already. They were given her sworn statement and photos. So who really wants to run to the media eh…

Finally, I would like to thank the First Amendment to the US Constitution for allowing me to comment on the personal attacks issued in a press release against me by a celebrity defendant and his PR team.

Photo: My three daughters back in the 90s.