Backstory of how the McNamara Death Case ended up on Crimewatchdaily

Photo:  still from

Photo:  still from

Here is the backstory of how I ended up on Crimewatch Daily.  After defense lawyer John Henry Browne accused me of soliciting the media on behalf of my clients.

EB:  We will be sitting down to interview Tracy and I wanted to see if your clients would be interested in speaking with us as well?

K3:  My clients have elected to focus on the litigation for now and not do any additional interviews.

EB:  Thank you for getting back to me.  We have interviewed Tracy and her attorney and always prefer to present both sides.  If your clients change their minds and would like a voice in this piece as well,  please let me know asap.

K3:  The children have declined to participate with further media pending resolution of the case.  This included 48 hours who wanted to do an interview.  And the last king 5 interview they did not participate in either.  I do request that you sit down with me so that I can share their side of the story.

The show aired while the defendant, Browne, and her other lawyer Bob Siderius were sitting across from us in our office.  Taking the depositions of our clients.