Marymoor Yippee

I’m happy today.  Actually I’m just about always happy.  I like being in this little cozy compartment with this dirty brown fuzzy pad in it.  It smells nice.  The music today is groovy.  Yep. This is the life.  Can’t wait to do whatever is going to happen next.

Wait.  What’s that smell.  Do I smell something different.  Doesn’t smell just like car fumes and pavement.  Sniff.  Sniff.  Oh my.  Do I dare to dream.  Yippee.  Yes it is.  It is!  Oops.  Sorry about that.  I know she doesn’t like it when I bark in the car.  But I know where we are.  Oooh.  Yay!  I’m so happy.

I can hear the gravel.  Ooomph.  Pot holes.  Yep.  Definitely here.  Yay!

She’s leaning down and puts the little leash on.  That part drives me nuts.  I wish she’d just trust me.  Oh well, not for long.  I hop out.  She closes the door.  Walks about ten steps.  Well, she walks ten steps. I am running circles around her.  Haha.  Doggie obedience school whatever.  She bends down, undoes me.  And I’m offffffffffffff.

Wait.  Ooh.  Good smell.  Stick my nose in it.  Nice and gooey and brown.  And then I’m off.  Ooh.  Have to stop.  Another great smell.   And then I’m off.   There’s a bird.  I’m gonna chase it.  In circles over and over and over and over and.


I hear her. I think I’d rather chase the bird though.  Like the grass when it is a bit taller but this will do.  I'm gonna catch you bird...


Okay okay.  I’ll go back cause I know she likes it when I pretend to obey her.  Hey there.  Here I am.  I’m sitting like a perfect little princess.  Eyes cast upward.  If I had longer eye lashes I’d bat them.  Yum.  I knew that would do the trick.  Like those little peanut butter treats.  Cheese ones too.  I’d rather have chicken or lamb or buffalo.  But she doesn’t like to touch meat.  Which is a bit of a drag.  But hey, I’m not complaining.  Food is food.  Which reminds me.

I’m off again.  As fast as I can.  Zing.  Zip.  Zowee.  I’m the fastest one out here.  I’m…  Oomph.  Wow.  Who’s that.  Oh, little dog.   I’m going to sniff you and then I’m going to jump on you and now let’s race.  Here we go.  See you little dog you can’t catch me.   I’m the fastest one out here.  Oomph.  Wow.  Big dog.  You’re going to sniff me and I’m going to let you and now let’s race.  Here we go.  See you big dog you can’t catch me.  Uh, hey where you going.  I’m supposed to be the fastest one out here.  Aha.  You tired out.  Guess what I don’t ever get tired.  See ya big guy.  Ooh.  A ball.  They threw the ball for me.  I've got it.  Maybe they didn't throw it for me.  Finders keepers.  Ooh.  Another bird.  Time to run in circles over and over and...


Okay, I’ll go see her the first time she calls me.  That’ll show her how perfect I am.  I’m coming.  Oooh.  Detour.  Sorry.  Gotta smell that.  Ooh.  Big pile of gooey smelly stuff.  Perfume perfection.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  Fall over and rub entire back and head in it.  Make sure to perfectly coat all areas of body.  Ooh.  Smell nice.


She isn’t smiling.  Too much of a neat nick.  I sit patiently.  She gets the little morsel and drops it into my wonderful foamy mouth.   Okay thanks for that.  Ciao.

I’m off again.


What?  I haven’t gone very far.  Come back.  Sit down.  She a sly one.  I thought she was going to give me another tasty treat.  Instead that old nasty leash comes back out.  We walk past the car to the place I’ve learned to tolerate.  Mainly because they have cheesy treats.

It’s the dog wash.  I walk up the ramp into the sink.  Let her have her way with me.  What a neat nick.  All my lovely perfume and other doggie smells down the drain.  Oh well.  A small price to pay for so much fun!