Nala goes for a run

Photo:  Nala on the deck wearing Cristina's glasses.  Before the run.

Photo:  Nala on the deck wearing Cristina's glasses.  Before the run.

We are running my favorite route.  The sun is shining.  Oh it is so fun to do this.  Love to do this.  Ooh I see you bird.  Wish could jump out of this harness thing She has strapped around me.  It fastens in front.  She thinks it will stop me from pulling her.  Don't know why She thinks that.  But it does feel better than being pulled by the neck.  Am not complaining.  Love being outside.  Even though She runs way too slow.  But am not complaining.

We get to Myrtle Edwards park.  Ooh I see you bird.  This is where the trouble starts.  Ooh that little boy wants to pet me.  She doesn't stop.  Nice try little boy.

She has treats in her little pocket in the back of her top.  I know the drill.  It's really just a bribe.  I'm not dumb.   If I'm good I get a treat.  If She gets mad, I don't.    Usually this involves other dogs.  Can't help it.  If they ignore me and are far enough away and if I don't feel like instigating anything - then She gives me a treat.  But if they make eye contact with me.  Or make one slight move towards me.  Then forget about it.  I'm going after them.  This means no treat.  Which is a bit of a bummer.  But not enough to make me change my mind.  Ooh a seagull.

Today she is pretty upset with me.  There are too many cheeky dogs who need to be reminded that I am number one.  And then of course, there is the sparrow who is almost close enough for me to grab.  Except that I have to cross right in front of Her.  And She almost trips.  Oops.

According to Her I have something called ADD.   Ooh a crow.  Nasty fellow.   Not sure what ADD is, but as soon as She's done scolding me - and I repent - well, something else comes along and it is a brand new day.  Like that black bumble bee that is flying right in front of my face. Am going to lunge for it with my snapping teeth.  Darn.  Almost had it.   Would have if She didn't run so slow.  Wonder what it would have tasted like.  Probably yummy like everything else that I eat.  Which is almost everything.  Which reminds me.

I want a drink.  It is coming up. Ooh another seagull.  There is a faucet in the park.  It pours into a bowl.  I'm not too interested in the bowl.  Doggie germs and all that.  Instead, I like to drink the water as it comes out of the faucet.  I'm really thirsty. Ooh a wierd leaf.   About to take a drink.  When out of the corner of my eye I sense something.  One of those labradoodles or cockerpoodles.   Not sure what the name is.  Is blond, big, curly and not on a leash.  No fair.  He's coming toward me. I'm going to lose it. This is going to be so great.  Getting ready to lunge.   Oh rats.  She's caught on and is pulling me away.  No water for me.  No jumping on the Poopydoodle.  No treat either apparently.

We go past the geese.  Papa goose hisses at me.  Ooh.  Would like to teach him a lesson.  Want to go tussle with him.  But She is passing them by.  She glares at me.  I was a little excited. When i get excited I go faster and faster and faster.  Which doesn't make her go faster.  Instead, the leash pulls tighter and tighter around her tummy.  Not my fault.  I was born with a bird fixation.

We are past the train tracks.  I stop to mark my territory.  She isn't impressed.  The glare is back on.  She thinks because I'm a girl, I don't need to do this.  But I am Alpha.  And She needs to accept that.

Now we are at the part where we go up the hill.  I don't have to drag her today.  She's doing good.  Ooh a little bitty sparrow.  If I can just get close enough...nope.  Blast.  We make it to the top of the hill.  Are at the home stretch.  Oh no is that a squirrell.  Yes it is yes it is yes it...sigh.  She's dragging me off again.

A few more dogs to deal with.  Another patch of grass that deserves my blessing.  And we are approaching my sworn enemy.  The next door neighbor.   A punye white and black short haired terrier.  Thinks hes owns the block.  Approach his gate and he goes bonkers.  Barking and carrying on.  As If he could do something about it.  If this gate weren't here, I would go in there and remind him who the boss really is.  What a pest.

We reach our gate.  She opens it.  We are in the house.  I make a beeline for my dinner and a drink